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14607Re: [folkspraak] Status of Folksprak

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  • Fenris
    Jul 21, 2013
      Hello, Darryl

      /It gladen mig, at du vil vete um dis projekt!/

      I can not confirm that there is a version of Folksprak, that all agree
      with. Instead there are still many different proposals. In order to
      structure these i created a Wiki to gather and compare them:
      http://folkspraak.de.vu Unfortunately the participation was quite low
      until now.

      Regarding the word-formation: As far as i know no special algorithm was
      used to form words from the source-languages. I started to expand the
      word formation guide lines, that David Park created (see
      but it's still more like a draft yet. I currently work on a small
      software for Folkspraks vocabulary --- something like a dictionary based
      on grammatical rules and a wordlist. It's not ready yet, but i will
      inform via the mailing-list when it's done.

      David started a facebook-group some months ago, but i don't know how it
      is going since i avoid any contact with facebook. If you don't you could
      take a look at it. Otherwise/additionally you could drop by in the
      IRC-channel ##folkspraak on freenode.net (Webchat-Link


      Am 21.07.2013 18:39, schrieb darrylwsmorris:
      > Hi everyone,
      > I came across this site looking for a Germanic equivalent to Interlingua - an extracted common Germanic vocabulary knitted together with a Germanic grammar simplified to a "lowest common denominator", that still allows some level of immediate visual and spoken recognition to native speakers of Germanic languages.
      > The Folkspraak project seems to be this - great!
      > And the group description states "since the end of 2010 there is a kind of Standard Folksprak, members agree about". However, I can't see clearly where the language grammar and vocabulary is defined. Can someone point me in the direction of these resources and let me know how "official" these documents are?
      > What's the current status of the language? Is the grammar in a stable condition. If not, how do you propose and decide on modifications?
      > Also, how do people propose extensions to the vocabulary and how are these proposals discussed and accepted/rejected?
      > I'm particularly interested in the process by which the common language is extracted from source languages (and what languages you finally decided on for your source languages). Do you use an impartial, algorithmic approach to extract words and grammar, as was done with Interlingua? If so, is that process documented somewhere, and can it be used to produce new words?
      > Seems like a great project and a shame there's not more buzz around it, particularly if the dialectal issues are now resolved.
      > Darryl
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