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14392Re: [folkspraak] Re: The Swedes have gone mad

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  • Hermann Philipps
    Feb 14, 2012
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      As an aside: The language Ido, constructed more than 100 years ago,
      has a plethora of 3rd person singular and plural personal pronouns.

      The full singular forms for he/she/it are ilu/elu/olu. Usually the
      shortened forms il/el/ol are used with exactly the same meaning. But
      there is another short form for all three genders: lu. This is used
      whenever the natural gender is not known or irrelevant.

      A similar system applies to the plural forms ili/eli/oli. Usually the
      short form 'li' is used which does not indicate any gender, but if
      desired you can use the simple 'ili' to speak of a group of males,
      'eli' to speak of a group of females, and 'oli' to refer to an
      assembly of things. So, 100 years before our time all those problems
      were already solved. Now the world only needed to learn Ido. Which it
      didn't, alas.

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