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[globalocchyg-list] RE: Emergency situation in Bosnia

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  • Andrew Cutz
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    Message 1 of 1 , May 15, 2014

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      Subject: [globalocchyg-list] RE: Emergency situation in Bosnia


      Thursday, May 15, 2015

      Hello Mary!

      We had collected lot of information resources on flood / disaster remediation and developed an informal (ad hoc) online network since the 500-year flood in Prague and parts of the Czech Republic (back in August 2002).

      Please ask you contacts in Bosnia what they may need.  Money always helps!   Can you ask AIHA to set up  fund for them?
      Red Cross and Red Crescent are always first ones to respond, and personal and corporate donation to them would help. 

      Does NATO/UN still have troops in this area?  They should contact U.S. NIOSH at get some field assessments done by them..   U.S. NIOSH had responded to many disasters over the years... most recently in St. Lucia (December 2013).


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      From: mdevany@...
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      Subject: Emergency situation in Bosnia
      Date: Thu, 15 May 2014 13:48:39 -0700

      Dear Colleagues,


      See below for an update on the disastrous flooding occurring in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).  Photos are attached, and if the listserv removes them, I can forward them if you request individually.  A Natural State of Disaster has been declared.


      According to meteorologist Zeljko Majstorovic this is the worst rainfall in the country since 1894, when weather measurements started to be recorded.


      The worst flood affected areas are Maglaj, Doboj, Zavidovici, Olovo, Kakanj (photos attached). These areas remained without electricity, water and phone service.

      Members of the BIH army, civil protection units and police were on the ground helping the civilian population.


      Army helicopters evacuated dozens of people in Maglaj, where the Bosna river swelled to record levels, reaching the first floors of apartment buildings. The similar situation is in Doboj.

      The state of emergency has been declared on the territory of FBiH as well in many other municipalities.  Also, landslides were reported in many areas.


      Meteorologists announced continuation of precipitation until the end of the week.


      The following  roads are closed for all traffic:

      M-17 Zenica -Doboj (Nemila)

      M-4 Tuzla-Doboj (Stanić Rijeka),

      M-4 Doboj-Teslić (Matuzići)
      M-1.8 Tuzla-Orašje (Čanići),

      M-5 Kiseljak-Busovača (Jehovac),

      M-5 Vitez-Lašva
      M-14.1 Bijeljina-Brčko, Šešlije-Modriča, Bijeljina - Zvornik, (Šepak, Čelopek and Janja)
      M-17 Zenica-Doboj (Jelovac and Papratnica)¸

      M-17 Doboj-Rudanka
      M-18 Kladanj-Živinice (Stupari, Đurđevik, Maline),
      M-19 Zvornik-Milići (Kušlat)
      M-19.2 Kladanj-Vlasenica (Ravne and Tišća)
      M-14.1 Bijeljina-Brčko (Čađavica)

      R-413 Turbe-Skender Vakuf (Dobretići)
      R-454 Konjević Polje-Bratunac (Kravica), Karakaj-Sapna (Grbavci),
      R-454 Bratunac-Skelani (Žljebać )
      R-454 Bratunac-Drinjača (Osansko)
      R-465-a Bušletić -Zelinja (Zelinja) , Doboj -Modriča (Potočani),
      R-467 Zavidovići-Ribnica-Olovo, Olovo-Han Pijesak (Pjenovac),
      R-445 Visoko-Kakanj (Ćatići), Visoko-Ilijaš (Čekrekčije),
      R-465 Zavidovići-Maglaj-Doboj,
      R-460 Gračanica-Srnice
      R-462 Gradačac-Ormanica (Vučkovci)
      R-440 Stara Bila-Mehurići (Han Bila)


      Traffic is facing serious difficulties on the following roads:

      M-18 Bogatići-Trnovo

      M-16 Bugojno-Kupres,

      M-18 Brod na Drini-Miljevina

      M-17 Zenica-Doboj

      M-18 Bijeljina-Tuzla

      M-5 Turbe-Nević Polje,

      M-18 Sarajevo-Olovo,

      M-19 Milići-Vlasenica

      R-456 Karakaj-Šestići

      Travnik - Knezevo (via Vlasic)

      area of Romanija


      Respectfully submitted,



      Mary C. DeVany, MS, CSP, CHMM

      Chair, AIHA International Occupational & Environmental Medicine Committee


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