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[oshercmaster] Upcoming 3rd Annual Southeastern Occupational Network (SouthON) conference (October 22-23, 2013)

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  • Andrew Cutz
    For your information... Andrew Cutz Andrew Cutz, CIH, AIHA Fellow | Moderator, Flood Relief Aid List | http://groups.yahoo.com/group/flood_relief_aid_2002/
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 9, 2013
      For your information...

      Andrew Cutz

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      From: osherc@...
      Subject: [oshercmaster] Upcoming SouthON conference
      Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2013 15:10:38 -0400

      Untitled Document
      NC OSHERC, a NIOSH Education and Research Center
      3rd Annual Southeastern Occupational Network (SouthON)
      Injuries in Southeastern Post-Disaster Reconstruction:
      Focus on Immigrant Workers

      October 22-23, 2013
      Marshall Student Center
      University of South Florida
      Sponsored by:
      Sunshine Education & Research Center
      Deep South Center for Occupational Safety & Health
      Central Appalachian Regional Education & Research Center
      North Carolina Education & Research Center

      Learn about:

      • Recovery and restoration issues that must be addressed following a flood, hurricane, tornado, or other catastrophic event;
      • Important hazards that may cause injuries and fatalities to post-disaster construction workers;
      • Special challenges to immigrant workers in construction; and
        Grant writing skills.

      Click here for more information and to register

      We have more classes for you

      For additional information about our many training programs, visit us on the web at osherc.sph.unc.edu, email us at osherc@...
      or call us at 919-962-2101

      We hope to see you in our classes soon!

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