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EMLab P&K's Android app now includes the IAQ Pocket Guide!

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  • Andrew Cutz
    Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2013 12:17:12 -0400 From: information@emlabpk.com To: Andrew Cutz, CIH Subject: EMLab P&K s Android app now includes
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      Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2013 12:17:12 -0400
      From: information@...
      To: Andrew Cutz, CIH <andrewcutz@...>
      Subject: EMLab P&K's Android app now includes the Pocket Guide!

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      Dear Andrew,
      We are happy to announce that we've added the IAQ Pocket Reference Guide (Pocket Guide) as a built-in feature of the EMLab P&K Android app! The Pocket Guide is a useful resource that makes your work easier and more convenient. Now you can use the EMLab P&K Android app to access the following:
      The EMLab P&K Android app is available for free at Google Play!

      • Sampling and regulatory guidelines for mold, fungi, asbestos, bacteria, and allergens
      • Updated MoldRange™ data from over 350,000 spore trap samples in the U.S. and Canada, including typical outdoor spore levels by region and by time of year
      • Data interpretation guidelines
      • EPA remediation guidelines
      • Environmental resource and contact information
      • Glossary for mold and asbestos
      NOTE: If you don't know your login details, please contact your Project Manager.

      With the EMLab P&K Android app, you'll also enjoy these features:
      1. Receive instant alerts when reports are available
      2. Access all your projects and reports from your Android device
      3. Search for specific projects easily and quickly
      4. Call or email your EMLab P&K Project Manager about specific projects
      5. Browse EMLab P&K's extensive fungal glossary

      Learn more at:

      Best Regards,

      EMLab P&K
      A TestAmerica Company

      Call Us: 1-888-866-6653

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