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RE: [flexcoders] Adding text to Cursor: Dilemma

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  • Kenneth Sutherland
    Have you checked out the SystemManager, it keeps track of all the various layers such as tooltips, cursors, popup windows. If I remember correctly the topmost
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2009

      Have you checked out the SystemManager, it keeps track of all the various layers such as tooltips, cursors, popup windows.  If I remember correctly the topmost level is the tooltips and although the docs suggest that you can only have 1 tooltip, this is incorrect.

      If you made your hovering object implement the IToolTip then you could just add it by doing something like,

      var sm:ISystemManager = Application.application.systemManager;



      That way it’s always top (apart from other tooltips create after your one) and if you don’t require it, just remove it.

      If you need it to be on top of other tooltips you just need to use the setChildIndex whenever another tooltip is generated (put in listeners on the systemmanager for tooltip events, make sure useCapture is TRUE ).  Again it’s been a while since I looked at it, but if I remember correctly the H & V Sliders do not fire of the tooltip events when they display the datatip (which is a tooltip). So that’s something to look out for.


      HTH Kenneth.



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      So I need to add a hover over when I mouse over and object on the stage. My issue is that I am using a framework that creates these objects and puts them on a displaylist randomly so they are in no certain order. I tried putting the hover over on the object but sometimes these object overlap so my hover is behind some of the objects. I can't bring my hovered object to the front/top because it has to remain behind a few items. Probably confused you there, but just no hover over on the actual moused over object isn't possible.

      So I am thinking my two options are create a cursor that has a dynamic textfield. Or create a floating text field on the main stage that will turn on or off depending if I am hovering. I prefer the cursor version but the issue is I don't want the text to count as part of the mouse when moving around as text in the hover could be quite long thus hovering over two objects at once.



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