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Re: [flexcoders] Function from string?

  • Alex Harui
    Nov 6, 2013 Expand Messages
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      Both Array and Object support [] property access.

      Regarding converting a String to a Function: AS is compiled, not
      interpreted, so only strings that have been compiled into functions can be
      run. You can fill an object or array full of functions and choose one at
      runtime, but that is not the same as constructing a string at runtime and
      trying to run it. Eval() will do that in JS, but there is no AS

      Some options are:

      1) There are some AS3 eval() functions in third-party libraries. But they
      are unlikely to be fast.
      2) You can send the string to a server, compile it into a SWF and load
      that SWF and run it.
      3) If the function doesn't require much information from the rest of the
      app, you could write the string to JS and call eval on it via


      On 11/6/13 2:02 PM, "A. P. Damien" <APDamien@...> wrote:

      >On 11/6/2013 9:16 AM, Keith Reinfeld wrote:
      >> Perhaps the following syntax will help:
      >> var func:String = ┬│yourFunctionName┬▓;
      >> this[func]();
      >Thanks. I hadn't fully assimilated the fact that an object can also be
      >treated as an array. Do I have to declare the class 'dynamic' for this
      >trick to work? Or is it always legal to do this from inside the class?
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