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  • Tahra
    Jun 11, 2012
      (trying to reply in one mail) - possible spoilers for Shadows Return/White

      I've had great experiences with Amazon and Book Dep too... But with Lynn's
      books, the preorders were messed up, and I ended up with the books a lot
      later than I thought.

      This time I figured maybe I could find it there... no luck :(

      I used to like going to bookstores, but lately I kinda hate it.. It's hard
      to find everything... I don't have the patience for it anymore. The only bad
      things about online is the more recent lack of care with the books. If I
      wanted books with folder covers, I'd get them second hand on ebay, right?
      And the other problem is that there are a gazillion paperback formats, and
      on occasion I ended up with the wrong one. I like the smaller ones, since I
      have to carry them about, and then shelve them! In a way, it's a good thing
      that in this case we don't have to wait a year to get the paperback, I hate
      that. That's how I ended up with a Dance With Dragons hardcover that weighs
      over 1.5 Kg. VERY HANDY to read standing, as you can imagine. When I find
      the small paperback, I'll get rid of that monster. I digress.

      Anyways, I also like rereading all the books too before a new one, but right
      now have too many to read... so, just reread the last 2... Anyways, the
      older ones are almost commited to memory by now, so...

      I also prefer the older ones. These last ones are too big on "supernatural"
      stuff that goes way over my head. Not gonna dwell on the rest. They did give
      me one of the biggest surprises - when Ilar was revealed I must have done a
      big loud "OHHHHHHHHHHHH" on the boat!

      Anyway, been staying away from spoilers... Hope the new one brings back
      everyone... And that noone ends up dead! I'm MORE THAN READY for the new
      one... Hope the wednesday date holds!

      ... waiting...
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