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  • momo mcfarlane
    Jun 9 3:59 PM
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      I've had the odd problem with pre-orders with Amazon not showing up or being cancelled at the last minute - thats usually been because they changed the edition they were going to stock and weren't smart about changing the pre-order over. I can usually still get the book from them if I wait a little longer or use book depository. My TBR pile is currently so enormous that I'm not worrying about having to wait a week or two to get a book :) but i know this matters more for other people.
      I miss Andromeda and specialist bookshops like it but I'm finding the internet fantastic for finding books these days. I use Abe a lot as well as Amazon and book depository and can find just about anything i want if I'm willing to wait a couple of weeks to get it. I'm not as able bodied as I'd like so the Internet is a great gateway to books for me when bookshops become inaccessible. I live in a big city and there are lots of bookshops but I'm increasingly finding they don't stock much of the genre fiction I want to read and I have to get it from the Internet. I still prefer real books to the kindle so its not upsetting to me if there are no kindle versions available

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      Tahra I empathise. Like I've said before, I had problems with getting copies of the last two books from Amazon UK, pre-ordered copies only to be let down. So I was so happy to actually get my copy, and get it early this time. The problem of getting books is getting harder and harder, I used to get all my SF and Fantasy books from Rog Peyton's wonderful Andromeda bookshop in Birmingham, but alas that is no more. I loved that place so much, even when he move it from it's less than salubrious location in Summer Row, between the sex shop and cinema lol. I always did enjoy walking there from the railway station underneath the ring road .... But oh the magic of that little shop and the authors you got to meet there. But alas no more, and Wolverhampton is increasingly devoid of any bookshops. Bookland closed, Midland Educational, the book department in Beatties, our local department store, spent many a happy hour in there, all gone. As far as I know all we have left is WH Smiths. Sad.

      So now, I buy from Amazon for the odd paperback, but the majority of books I buy these days are Kindle versions. Just sad that we can't buy the ebook versions of the Nightrunner books either. Ah for the old days spending hours leafing through every Sci Fi and Fantasy book it seemed in print in Andromeda.


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