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25815Re: [Flewelling] Finished Casket of Souls

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  • Alexandra
    Jun 8, 2012
      *nods energetically* It was a GREAT read.
      Me... I read it all in one sit. Well there were some unavoidable stops,
      some things just need to be done... But appart from those, I started and
      just kept on reading. It's my favourite way to read books, with as little
      interruption as possible. This of course means, that you mostly retain the
      key points of the plot but not so much the small details. Which is great
      because after some months I can read it again and catch on new things. But
      it also means I can´t give a detailed review/opinion,

      I liked books 4 and 5 but I like better this one. I just turned page after
      page after page... until there was no more and I was all sad because I
      wanted more. I was happy to see Seregil and Alec back in their double city
      life, bad circumstances, but still not AS bad as previous books. Poor guys
      I love them too much to not wish them some better times!

      Oh, BTW BULLY for Amazon Spain. A) No preorder B) Kindle edition not
      available for europe Amazons. I COULD have worked around it but I will NOT
      complicate my life to spend money on people who clearly doesn´t wants it.
      So my congratulations and thanks to them for saving me some money. But it
      also means one sale less for Lynn, and that's just unfair (this subject
      came up before, so probably it's not just only one sale).

      Anyway, what I really want to say.

      THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for another great book Lynn!
      I really can´t say how much I appreciate the hours of nice entertainment.
      With the world going downhill in all possible ways (and my country being
      one of the worse). A nice fat break from reality is more welcome than I
      could ever explain. SO, once again, THANK YOU!

      On Thu, Jun 7, 2012 at 11:03 PM, Nicky <ckfreakz@...> wrote:

      > **
      > Wow, I just finished Casket of Souls!
      > ********Some Spoilers below!***********
      > I didn't want to rush through and read it all in a days time so I took my
      > time and read when I could in my spare time. All I can say is WOW. Towards
      > the end I ended up reading a LOT more at a time and it became increasingly
      > more difficult to put the book down.
      > Well done Lynn! I was totally engrossed in the plot and the new characters
      > were positively charming. Especially Atre! :) His persona leapt from the
      > page and made me want to know more and read more about him just as he
      > enchanted the other characters in the book.
      > I also thought that this book had a good balance of all the characters in
      > their roles. I know some reviews before stated that they wanted to hear
      > more about Beka and Nyal, or Micum, Thero, etc. I think there was a
      > wonderful balance between them all and it wasn't boring. I would usually
      > skip through chapters in some of the previous books with certain characters
      > I wasn't as entertained with. Not with this one. I wanted to know just as
      > much about them as Seregil and Alec.
      > I loved the plot. It was unlike any other book I have read which is a
      > refreshing thing to a reader. It wasn't what I was expecting either from
      > the previous snippets that I had read before the book had been released. So
      > that was another surprise.
      > In the end the only thing I was somewhat disappointed in was that Seregil
      > didn't get to have a wonderfully detailed fight scene with Atre! I was
      > yelling for Seregil the whole time, and was a little sad that he ended up
      > fighting Brader instead. Though I realized that perhaps Atre may not be as
      > adept a swordsman? So perhaps that was the reason. Either way I feel like
      > they would have been quite a match for each other seeing as they are quite
      > similar in certain aspects. I guess I just wanted to envision two
      > handsomely charming characters with such talent and quickness trying to
      > outsmart one another. Ah well...I digress!
      > I was also very touched by the emotions Alec had for all of the children.
      > I even teared up when Illia caught the sickness. I really wasn't expecting
      > that!
      > All in all a wonderful book to read. Very close style wise to the first
      > two Nightrunner books. Brought back many memories, and I can't wait to read
      > the final (sad day :*( ) one!
      > Thanks again Lynn!
      > Nicky

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