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New Poll for flapdoodle_dinghy

Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the flapdoodle_dinghy group: Someone from this group must contact Yahoo to assume ownership. Created by:
Jun 10, 2014

New Poll for flapdoodle_dinghy

Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the flapdoodle_dinghy group: This is awkward for me. My name is Stephen Weller. William (Bill) Weller
May 29, 2014

Re: Plywood Stock Questions

The absolute minimum in the UK is WBP ply - water and boil proof. It means that the ply is manufactured using the same wood and glue but the leaves will have
michael pollard
Apr 8, 2014

Re: Plywood Stock Questions

The soy in that panel is the glue. In no way is a "decorative" panel really suitable for boat building. A cheap boat may be built from exterior luan
Mark Albanese
Apr 8, 2014

Plywood Stock Questions

Today at 1:13 PM Hello! My son and his grandpa are starting to build a flapdoodle and we're struggling to find all-wood 1/4 plywood stock. We're in St. Paul,
Jonathan Bucki
Apr 8, 2014

Re: FD2 or 3? Which to build?

Hi Rocketdriver, down here in Aussie I used 30lb fishing line to stitch and as I couldn't find the PVC material anywhere, finished up with a thick PVC cloth
Barry de Sylva
Feb 26, 2014

Re: FD2 or 3? Which to build?

Stitched every time. Means you can use thinner ply. I used 6.6mm and finished boat weighed a ton! From: flap@... To: flapdoodle_dinghy@yahoogroups.com
michael pollard
Feb 26, 2014

Re: FD2 or 3? Which to build?

I would go with the stitched version. Anyone else want to weigh in? Bill
Feb 26, 2014

FD2 or 3? Which to build?

Hi everyone ... new to the group and just purchased plans, but which to build? I want to use stitch hinges, I think, and thought I'd read that that was the FD
Jan 30, 2014


I have not been able to post here for days. Bill
Sep 21, 2013

Lost messages

I received an e-mail from Yahoo saying TWO lost messages have been restored. I only know of one for sure, but there was a big red button "click here to view
Sep 21, 2013

Re: Epoxy

The message that vanished showed up. Goog ol' Yahoo ... From: charlesjha@... Sent: 09/16/13 11:46 AM To: flapdoodle_dinghy@yahoogroups.com Subject:
Bill Weller
Sep 17, 2013


Hi, I'm new to the group and was wondering whether there's been any discussion about using epoxy to coat the plywood panel and sheathing in fiberglass. Is
Sep 17, 2013

Epoxy and fiberglass

I just got a message that asked about using epoxy and fiberglass. Unfortunately, when I clicked "approve" it vanished. (may yet show up) They has been
Sep 16, 2013

Some Thouhts

Hi Flapdoodlers, I'm still working on my masterpiece, and I thought I'd share some thoughts on my experience. Some of these may be obvious to others, but i'll
Sep 13, 2013
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