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  • Gino's Railpage
    May 6, 2014
      No runaround on the FGI branch, it's the same set-up as when they installed it.  I'll have to look and see the old track set-up if there was a runaround.  There may not have been!  They've always pushed up and pulled down!


      On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 9:45 PM, Jason C <dhc628@...> wrote:
      Thank you Gino!  That really helps.  I've been searching for info and almost everything I find is from your site.  Wish there was some Penn Central or early Conrail video of the old factories being switched.

      Looking at the diagrams on your site, am I correct that there was no run around track on the branch?  

      Jason Cook
      New Haven, IN

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      The Kellog's Branch is welcome discussion anytime Jason!

      From the few times I watched them switch Jason, they pull their loads up the hill, stop at Vrooman Ave. pull up to the industrial park, grab the empties on the front of their full loads, back up, push the empties back down the branch, then the pull and push the loaded cars onto the unloading track.  The unloading track must be on a hill, since I saw an employee letting the cars move into position while he was riding the hand-break.

      Here's a bird's eye so you can see the track layout!

      Here comes the train pulling up the hill

      Ready to grab empties, two at a time.

      Grabbing the empties

      Backing up and getting ready to push the empties to a holding spot down hill.

      ​Holding spot

      Getting ready to grab the last empty.

      I have also seen the workers using one of those stakes, can't think of what they are called, placing it under a wheel
      and pushing the car little by little.


      On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 11:25 AM, Jason C <dhc628@...> wrote:
      I know this isn't exactly FJ&G related but I'm not sure where else to ask about the Kellogg's Branch.

      Someone on a British message board that focuses on modeling US and Canadian railroads came across the Kellogg's Branch.  There's been an ongoing discussion trying to figure out exactly HOW CSX (and Conrail) switched FGI.  On the newer map on Gino's page, I spotted the note that says "2 cars @ a time" so I assume that is as simple as it seems; only 2 cars up or down the hill at a time.  Does anyone know the sequence of moves once the train gets to FGI?  Since there's no runaround, we're stumped as to how they handle switching up there.  Does FGI have a trackmobile or some sort of car mover?  Do they use a cable type car puller to move cars?  Would really love to hear from someone that actually worked this branch after it was cut back to FGI.

      Thank you,
      Jason Cook
      New Haven, IN


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