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15666RE: [FJGRailroad] Combines 21 and 22

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  • Paul Larner
    Feb 11, 2014
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      If there a rule existed for using the cars, it was one at a time;  21 was the "summer" coach, no stove, and 22 the "winter" coach.  Ridership on the regular trains never, so far as I know, required more than the capacity of one car.  The images with both cars being hauled were in relation to the several fan trips and trips sponsored by local civic organizations.  The first following the war was in October 1946 and later starting in 1950 to the end in the summer of 1956, one or two trips were run a year.  In the earliest years of the Broadalbin line a standard train consisted of locomotive, combine and coach.
      The color of the cars was the FJ&G standard for all their interurban trolleys (until the introduction of the orange, hemlock and black scheme) and steam division passenger equipment was Wagner brown.  The FJ&G first applied the color to two refurbished coaches in November of 1898.  It's appearance was the color of a Hershey bar.  This image and a few others today properly reflect the tone.   My best recollection of them is of playing in them while they were stored in the big coal house so; I have no recollection of seeing them in sun light and if I did their color was background to my focus.  I have been unable to learn when the reddish color first was applied to the roofs.

      A HANDSOME TRAIN. - Being Run on the F., J. & G. Broadalbin Division.

      The management of the F. J. & G. railroad has placed on the Broadalbin, Gloversville and Fonda division of the road the finest train ever run over the local railroad, and it is expected that it will continue in daily service.  The train is drawn by engine No. 3, which has recently been painted in the new colors of silver and black, and the cars which compose it are No. 22 and No. 16.  The latter is the new standard passenger coach built last year by Jackson and Sharpe Company of Wilmington , Delaware , and the former is the new combination baggage and smoking car built this year by the same company.  Both coaches are of the standard color of Wagner Brown, and have comfortable high-backed seats, those of the smoking car being finished in leather and both are fitted for steam heat.  The train is a credit to the road and the management and is a splendid example of the progressive spirit of the company‚Äôs officials. ( Gloversville Daily Leader and Amsterdam Daily Democrat 050800)


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      Thank you for adding those, Paul.  It's interesting to see that it wasn't too uncommon for both cars to be used together.

      I see in the color photo that the cars are painted a mixture of olive-brown with burgundy.  Would this be representative of their scheme throughout their career on the FJ&G, or did they ever have colors closer to DL&W?
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