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15658RE: FJG Engines @ RIT

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  • mrengineer1009
    Feb 9, 2014

      Yup, I chose the base locomotives and sent them to him to have them painted. I didn't but you could order through him if you so chose. The manufacturers I know of are Bachmann and Atlas. Atlas has an unpainted one, but for good results, if you just get something with black handrails, it really doesn't matter what road it is. You will see some of the lettering underneath if you look really close in the right light, but no big deal. If you want something with sound, it is best to get the Bachmann because it already comes with everything. Trying to fit a decoder in there wont be easy otherwise.

      It cost $150 an engine plus $20 for the hobby shop middle-man fee (I try not to think about the $ haha). He did an excellent job, it's really darn accurate for a paint scheme that is NOT easy. It only took him about 3 weeks to do both engines and was really easy to deal with. Feel free to inquire to him if you want to know more. I saw Geno posted the website, so you are all set there.

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