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15650Re: [FJGRailroad] Local growth coming in '14

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  • Thomas Hefner
    Feb 6, 2014
      If you are asking if I am related to a William or Dan Hefner from that area I think the answer would be no.

      I have a few family trees back to early 1800s and most all my ancestors have been in the Piedmont area of North Carolina and South Carolina.  A few have wondered off to other parts here and there.

      My wife's maiden name is  Nichols and her mom grew up on a dairy Farm (Nichols Dairy) that from my understanding was flooded when Lake Sacandaga or some lake was impounded, and the farm moved somewhere in the general area.  My wife's dad worked for GTE and when GTE consolidated some business offices to Durham, NC in the late 70's/early 80s they moved down here to North Carolina.  My wife and I met in college in the late 1980s.  Interestingly, my roommate in college my senior year was born in Gloversville and my wife was as well.  Given their birth dates they most likely were in the hospital at the same time.  Both moved away from the area and then both entered college at Appalachian State the same year.  One of those "small world" coincidences.

      Our honeymoon was on Amtrak with stopovers in DC for  a few days and then Amtrak to Amsterdam, NY for a few more days.  I think that was the first time I had been north of DC.  It was a chance to visit her extended family.  I have been back a few times but her mom and dad  moved to Tampa with GTE again in the late 1980s.  So we generally went farther south to visit her mom and dad.  Mom and Dad trumped traveling north to see Aunts, Uncles and Cousins of course for her.

      However I do get up that way every now and then, but it is often for funerals and memorials and not for long stretches of time to give me a chance to explore.

      One last bit of personal trivia.  I grew up around Hickory, NC. That area was at one time full of many glove mills.  All non-union of course (a shame in my view) but those are the glove mills that helped move production out of Gloversville.  Of course all of that production is now in China.  On one of the trips up that way I noticed a Carolina Glove mill in Gloversville.  That may be shut down now or operating under a different corporate structure. I had more than a few relatives work for this company and grew up a few miles from their main facility.  I was not expecting to see a Carolina Glove mill in NY state.

      Way more than I am sure you wanted to know about me. But I do like trains!

      Thomas - North Carolina

      On 2/5/2014 10:47 PM, Paul Larner wrote:

      Tom, try this source for the topo and then you should be able to find the right of way on one of the current aerial/bird's eye view map sites.
      Are related to William or Dan?

      To: FJGRailroad@yahoogroups.com
      From: hefnertw@...
      Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2014 18:58:05 -0500
      Subject: Re: [FJGRailroad] Local growth coming in '14

      Could someone in that area make a file I could load into Google Earth of what the route was like. I can't find the old ROW in Google Earth, and not being from the area I may be looking in the wrong spots.  I can usually spot the old ROW of long gone lines if only a row of trees are missing, and sometimes more than that can be observed in on-line maps.  But that is easier in my neck of the woods since by definition I am in "my neck of the woods." so I know the area.

      I am not in that area but every few years at best and the in-laws are more upstream around Canajoharie.

      Good luck on the possible jobs coming to the area.

      Thomas Hefner
      Greensboro, NC

      On 2/4/2014 9:36 PM, Gino's Railpage wrote:
      I just stumbled upon this....

      Local growth coming in ’14

      January 1, 2014
      The Leader Herald
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      We expect the new year will bring economic growth to the area. Several major economic development projects are either about to start or could receive crucial approvals soon.
      In Johnstown, a $120 million expansion of Fage USA yogurt is expected to create 150 new jobs and a new T.J. Maxx department is getting ready to open. Gloversville will enjoy a full year of the sales tax revenue generated by the new Walmart Supercenter. At Fonda speedway, new promoter Matt DeLorenzo is making exciting changes. The track will host the East Coast Snocross Series Jan. 11 and 12.
      Regionally, three major projects could take important steps forward soon: The Fulton County Industrial Development Agency's Tryon Technology Park and Incubator Center is waiting for state approval for the IDA to buy the 515-acre Tryon property. The proposed Regional Business Park, which would be built on land annexed from the town of Mohawk into the city of Johnstown in exchange for a tax- sharing agreement, could come closer to reality. New Johnstown Mayor Michael Julius has pledged to work with new Mohawk Supervisor Edward Bishop to create the 300-acre park, and the newly elected leaders will get a chance to do that this year. As improbable as it might have once seemed, there is also a chance the regional business park could spur the return of rail service along a stretch of the abandoned FJ&G Railroad between Fonda and Johnstown.
      With all of this activity, it's possible 2014 may be remembered as the year the local region turned a corner toward sustained economic growth. We hope that's true, and we hope all of our local leaders, whether newly elected or long- tenured, will be committed to that goal.

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