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15606Re: [FJGRailroad] Freight Photos From The FJ&G

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    Oct 27 8:35 PM
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      Hello Gino!
      I am a relatively new fan of the FJ&G and learned a lot about the line from this group since joining last year. I very much enjoyed the photo essays 'Switching the Delaware Otsego's FJ&G' and 'Switching Freight On The Fonda Johnstown And Gloversville Railroad' which you shared on your blog http://ginosrailblog.blogspot.com/

      'Seeing' the line in operation after having walked the FJ&G Rail Trail was fascinating. I especially enjoyed the color photos, the one of the Reading Coal silos was wonderful. I took a photo of those still standing ghosts on a recent walk from the same angle.

      There are many new fans to the FJ&G who like myself never knew the operational railroad. I only know what I have learned from this group, reading blogs, walking the rail trail and visiting the FJ&G exhibit at the Fulton County Museum http://fultoncountymuseum.com and even watching the virtual trains 'run' on the MS Train Simulator http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfHMZRcxJoQ
      I also received a beautiful map and enjoyed listening to several local experts reminisce about the railroad at the FJ&G booth at this past summers RailFest.

      When I first saw your post about having to take down the photos after a certain period I thought it was due to some sort of disk space limitation on the site that hosts your blog. I was saddened to read your post today stating why you took them down.

      I don't know the history behind the photos you posted or anything about the persons who may have influenced your decision. I can only add that I have run a two rail related Groups since the 90s and do my best to respect copyrighted works. I see nothing wrong with you having shared them on your blog. The photos generated many positive comments and informative discussion about the line as it once was.

      Since you had permission to 'share' the photos putting them on the internet via your blog is sharing in the most extreme sense of the word. If someone 'shared' them on another group without your permission or that of the original photographer then things become a little gray but in my humble opinion since they credited your blog and/or the group as the source it's 'netiquette-ly' correct by osmosis.

      For better or worse once you hit send and put something on the net it's 'out there' in most cases *forever*. Sites visited including your blog posts will live on for quite some time in the web cache of everyone who viewed your blog when the photo essay was 'live' or until deleted on the PC's of those who saved the page on their web browser. Here is one example of a well known online archive of your blog:


      If you were to view this web cache and select "File" --> "Save Page As" in Firefox or your web browser equivalent you too could have your own copy of the cached blog page to read off line. There are many cache sites online, Google is just the easiest. Other favorites are the Wayback Machine at archive.org and of course your own PC's hard disk web cache.

      So if you missed Gino's excellent FJ&G Freight photo essay on his blog go ahead and visit the cache link above and check it out. There are many who loved the FJ&G and are eager to learn it's history. With so many fans it boggles my mind why anyone would want to stifle sharing of photos of the railroad with others. It would be very sad to keep all those images locked away on someones closet shelf until those who remember enough about the railroad to post captions and tell stories about the photos can no longer do so.

      Thank you Gino and all who support the Group and blogs, please keep up your great work :-)


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      On Sun, 10/27/13, Gino's Railpage <fjgrailroad@...> wrote:

      Subject: [FJGRailroad] Freight Photos From The FJ&G
      To: "FJGRailroad Yahoo Group" <FJGRailroad@yahoogroups.com>
      Date: Sunday, October 27, 2013, 9:20 PM

        Hello people,
      Yes, the freight photos from my rail-blog have
      been removed.  I know people are upset (judging by emails),
      but let me explain...
      A couple people in the group were worried about
      the photos I posted.  It seems that right after I uploaded
      the blog, someone (I don't know who, to tell the truth)
      took some of the photos and posted them on their website.
       They didn't ask for permission, but they did credit my
      Rail-Page.  They also took some of our group messages on
      the subject and posted that crediting Yahoogroups.

      Someone from our group is concerned that our
      identities are being robbed or something.  Also, they think
      someone may try to use the photos from Eber Davis and make

      Well, I think it's all a little too much worrying and
      think there is no big harm there.  I make the photos on my
      page for enjoyment at a low resolution...an attempt to
      discourage duplication.

      Heck, anytime someone gives me permission to post their
      photos I make them 72 dpi and no more than 800 pixels wide.
       That is not good enough for prints, sorry, but they are
      Since they are not my photos (I was given
      permission to share them years ago by the photographer)
      I'm not going to argue the point, so I removed them with
      a deadline.

      Now, I came up with an idea.  I created another
      FJ&G Yahoo Group, one for photos only.  Also, it was
      private and not just anyone can access them.  I am
      basically going to give out memberships to current group
      members.  I guess that isn't an option since I sent out
      two invitations and I don't think these people were able
      to join.

      I'll figure something else
      Let me say this.....I love railroads and I love
      the FJ&G.  I love rail pictures, new and old.  I enjoy
      sharing photos from my collection and others of course.
       But, sometime I've got to stop and wonder why it is
      ever a big deal just posting photos of an old railroad.
       Jeesh, I mean, it's not like I'm posting the
      script for the next Star Wars Movies, no, it's just old
      photos.  If I post photos that I've taken, heck, take
      the photo, repost it and if you could sell one of the
      photos, then wow!  But, I suck as a photographer and I
      don't have to worry about it!  Sorry, but 2 years with
      Frank Ambrose wasn't enough for me!

      Ok, most of all, I apologize for such a long
      message.  Also, I resect people's opinions on photo
      collections and the web and sharing.
      Finally, this is a bunch of rambling, so



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