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  • Mark Wilber
    Oct 16, 2013
      John-The Vinyl was unloaded outside of the building while the regular plastic pellets were unloaded inside of the building. Yes you are right,there was no molding done at Patch Rd. Inside the building,there was three places where the box cars were spotted. With a plasic car being spotted for unloading inside,you had to put in a 40ft box car in next,then followed by two 50ft box cars if they wanted three cars. Otherwise only two 50ft cars could fit,not three 50ft. cars.Mark

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      Some more info related to the plastics covered hoppers in Gino's shots.
      Coleco used light blue colored PVC pellets for its pool liners. The PVC almost always came in the plain grey covered hoppers. Coleco also used other plastics for molding other toys. I believe the vast majority if not all of this was Polyethylene. Alathon was Duponts trade name for its Polyethylene so all of the Dupont Alathon covered hoppers carried these PE pellets. Dupont was the primary supplier but there were also occasional cars from Arco polymers (blue) and Hercules (grey) and a few other oddballs.
      I am pretty sure that all plastic molding occurred at the Coleco plant in the Village of Mayfield. So Patch Road served as basically a truck transfer site for the plastics. Most of the cars were unloaded outside on the stub siding along the building. I am pretty sure they also had the ability to unload cars inside the building. The siding ran the entire length of the building from the back entrance up to the Patch Road side of the building. It ran right along the outside wall of the building.
      I worked at Coleco Patch Road in the summer of 1982 on a number of the assembly lines making various toys. There was a "gun it and go" chopper bike that had a large number of individual plastic parts such as the body, handlebars, big front wheel and back wheels. These parts were all molded from Polyethylene in Mayfield. There was also a large plastic corvette they were introducing that year and the large plastic shell was also molded from Polyethylene in Mayfield.
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      Part 2 of our look at Freight service on the FJ&G Railroad has been posted.  Last week we looked at the days before 1974 and the Delaware Otsego System, today we look at 1974 to 1984, the last year of operation...
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