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  • johnsesonske
    Oct 15, 2013
      Just to add a bit...
      In photo 6 at the West Yard, the covered hopper looks to be going into or coming out of Fairbanks Feed, they received a mix of boxcars and covered hoppers. That Chessie boxcar is for that warehouse you show the tankcars at in photo 7. I am not sure if that warehouse was Commonwealth Chemicals or Lee Dye but they received a decent amount of inbound boxcar traffic, many of which were Chessie boxcars. I am pretty sure that was Comonwealth Chemicals
      In photo 7, those tankcars were for either Commonwealth Chemical or Lee Dye.
      In photo 14, that D&H was at a customer located between Fulton St and Spring St. They got a few D&H boxcars and also some VTR and Railbox boxcars. I always thought that was Anadio produce but regular boxcars do not make much sense for them. Anybody know what customer was in that spot? Their address would have been on West Street.
      In photo 16, that siding was used very frequently to unload hides and truck them over to Risedorph's Tannery located down the street on West 8th Ave. Risedorph's was part of the Feuer Group that owned Pan Am, Karg, and Allied Split. Feuer also was the owner of Omnicology in the Gloversville industrial park, likely the last new industry on the FJ&G.
      In photo 17, yes, that tank car is being shoved up to Parwell on the Foster St spur.
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      Part 2 of our look at Freight service on the FJ&G Railroad has been posted.  Last week we looked at the days before 1974 and the Delaware Otsego System, today we look at 1974 to 1984, the last year of operation...
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