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  • Gino's Railpage
    Oct 9, 2013
      Thanks John!  Mohawk Furniture was the mill in Broadalbin in the 1970's.  That's where I confused it with Mohawk Cabinet!  I will fix it!  If you enjoyed those shots, I know you'll enjoy the Delaware Otsego shots I will post tomorrow!
      I too remember a car on the track at Kingsboro.  You would never know there was rail under the heavy growth.  What I found so interesting about the Coal Dealer on 11 Ave is the trestle.  I had no idea there was ever one there.  I worked with a guy who grew up next door to Betor's Grocery which was just up the street from the Kingsboro Crossing.  He told me his friend broke his arm falling off of it in 1960 and that it was removed soon after!
      I dont know what was done in the building after Hussman closed.  There was a large amount of golf carts parked right outside the office.  Every once in a while I go to a small grocery and see a Hussman Refrigerator and it makes me proud.

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      This stuff is incredible. As a kid I spent a lot of time near the Kingsboro Ave crossing. Actually seeing what that siding looked like with coal cars is really neat. In the later years there was an occasional lumber or insulation car spotted there for Northville Building Supply.
      Hussmann's previous name was Mohawk Cabinet. Mohawk also made commercial refrigeration units as a predecessor to Hussmann. The units in the grocery store had "Mohawk" on the nameplates. So did Mohawk originally make furniture and then evolved into refrigeration units hence the name cabinet? Or was that a completely different company in your picture?
      Is the successor Mohawk Cabinet Company that came after Hussmann still in business? I see they have a website and were or are using the Hussmann building. I thought that venture never got off the ground.

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      All this talk about freight cars and businesses on the FJ&G finally forced me to add some neat photos to my Rail-Blog.  The first batch are photos of the Pre-1974 FJ&G from the 50's and 60's.  Then I'll post some shots of the line in her Delaware Otsego System Years, Post 1974 to 1984.

      Go give this a look and hopefully we can discuss the photos in the Yahoo Group!


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