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  • Saul Kalbfeld
    Oct 8, 2013
      Here are odd some sightings on the line. Some, I've mentioned before. I once saw a long string of PFE mechanical reefers in the Gloversville yard. I don't remember the year but they were probably loadings for the MCA plant. In 1955, the railroad built a temporary siding where Rt. 30A crosses the ROW in Gloversville during highway construction, originally state route 147, now 30A. Many covered cement hoppers were spotted there. Too bad I didn't have a camera then, but I was only 13. Supposedly the original broadcast tower for WTEN in Broadalbin came in on 50' flats, but this has not been documented.

      Cars used to be regularly spotted along the team track along Fulton St. in Gloversville, next to the Daniel Hayes building. There was also a busy team track where the line crossed Rt. 30 in Vail Mills.

      For those of you who don't know me, I've been away from the Gloversville area since 1969, moving from Albany to Ann Arbor, Michigan. I am a member of GHS class of 1960. I remember the post war golden age when the mills and shops were busy. Considering how busy the line was then, I'm now amazed how poor the physical condition of the railroad was. Light rail, worn ties, no tieplates, bad drainage, no ballast. The seeds of doom were sown for when heavier cars became common.

      Also, I read with amusement, an article in the LH a couple of weeks ago regarding a proposal to revive the line to Johnstown.  This is some kind of fanciful dream. For starters, the deck truss over the creek outside Fonda is 113 years old and would not pass any inspection. I can only see this happening if customers in the Johnstown Industrial Park were ready and waiting for service.

      Saul B. Kalbfeld
      Detroit Motion Picture & Stage Employees Local 38 IATSE
      SMPTE Life Member

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