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Re: [fitnesse] No Results from Virtual Test Wiki

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  • Micah Martin
    ... I d guess that when the test execution hangs, FitNesse spits out an exception on the console where it was started. It d be interesting to know what the
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 30, 2004
      On Nov 30, 2004, at 7:07 PM, Leif Bennett wrote:
      > I have no trouble setting up the virtual wiki, and the pages are
      > visible as expected (with the "VIRTUAL PAGE" watermark at the top).
      > Pages that have the test property set show up with a test button.
      > However, when I click that test button on the virtual wiki page, it
      > never gives me any test feedback. My browser (IE6) rather quickly
      > displays the top and left sides of the test results page, but does not
      > fill in below the line underneath "Test Results" (at least, not for 30
      > minutes; when I run the test non-virtually, it finishes in 2-3
      > seconds). I get the same behavior from suites.

      I'd guess that when the test execution hangs, FitNesse spits out an
      exception on the console where it was started. It'd be interesting to
      know what the exception is. It sounds like you're doing everything
      right though.

      > I may be having classpath trouble--the docs for classpath don't give
      > much guidance on best practices, and I haven't been able to figure out
      > what I should expect if I've got a classpath set on the remote page or
      > what I'm supposed to set locally. I'm also confused over where the
      > ClassPath page(s) should be. The tests run remotely, so I must have
      > done something at least partially right.

      !paths widget should go on pages above the test pages. When using a
      Virtual Wiki, the linking wiki should have !path widgets on or above
      the linking page. Virtual Wiki Links should link to the remote wiki
      just beneath the !paths so none get inherited though the link.

      > Does anyone know what this is or how to correct it? Or is there some
      > feedback I'm missing that will help me to figure out what I need to
      > do? I'd really like to be able to run the tests against my own
      > development code before I check it in.

      Check for exceptions on both the remote FitNesse and you local
      FitNesse. Try copying a test page and running it with out the
      VirtualWiki on your computer. Let me know if you're still stumped.

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