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    ... http://straitstimes.asia1.com.sg/cybernews/story/0,1870,126708,00.html ... of ... fiction ... said ... eye. ... the ... still ... but ... prediction ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 13, 2002
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      --- In fisika_indonesia@y..., "firmanzah" <rizal@t...> wrote:
      > ?
      > This is not a trick: Now you see it, now you don't...
      > Scientists make laser beam vanish, to appear elsewhere; teleporting
      > triumph points way to super-fast computers
      > CANBERRA - In a world breakthrough out of the realms of Star Trek,
      > scientists in Australia have successfully teleported a laser beam
      > light from one spot to another in a split second.
      > STAR TREK BECOMES REALITY: Blurring the lines between science
      > and reality, Dr Lam (left) and Mr Bowen show off their teleporting
      > equipment. - - REUTERS
      > A team of physicists at the Australian National University (ANU)
      > they had successfully disembodied a laser beam in one location and
      > rebuilt it in a different spot about 1 m away in the blink of an
      > Project leader Lam Ping Koy said there was a close resemblance
      > between what his team had achieved and the movement of people in
      > science-fiction series Star Trek.But he added that reality was
      > very far away from the possibility of beaming human beings between
      > locations. In theory, there is nothing stopping us from doing it
      > the complexity of the problem is so huge that no one is thinking
      > seriously about it at the moment,' he told a news conference
      > yesterday. However, he said science was not too far from being able
      > to teleport solid matter from one location to another. 'My
      > is... it will probably be done by someone in the next three to five
      > years, that is the teleportation of a single atom,' said Dr Lam,
      > has worked on teleporting since 1997. But he said humans posed a
      > impossible task now as there are zillions of atoms involved -
      > quantified by a one with 27 zeroes. However, the breakthrough opens
      > up enormous possibilities for future super-fast and super-secure
      > communications systems, such as quantum computers over the next
      > decade. Physicists believe quantum computers could outperform
      > classical computers with enormous memory and the ability to solve
      > problems millions of times faster.
      > Teleportation became one of the hottest topics among physicists in
      > quantum mechanics in the past decade, after the IBM lab in the
      > States provided theoretical underpinning for the work in 1993.
      > then, about 40 laboratories globally have been experimenting in
      > area.
      > The idea is that if quantum particles like electrons, ions, and
      > have the same properties, they are essentially the same. So, if the
      > properties of quantum particles making up an object are reproduced
      > another particle group, there would be a precise duplication of the
      > object, so only information about the particles' properties need to
      > be transmitted, not the particles. The inability to pass the
      > information reliably has been a major stumbling block in past
      > experiments. ANU team member Warwick Bowen said they first
      > a laser beam successfully on May 23 and, to their great surprise,
      > repeated the success time after time in the following weeks using
      > their small-car- sized transporter. 'It is such a complicated
      > experiment that nobody knows whether the particular set-up is going
      > to work until you do it.... and it turns out our system is very
      > good.' --Reuters

      Uh... great! But, if youre a Star Trek fans, you'll gonna know that
      those news in known from as early as mid-2000s

      At that time, they can only duplicate photons, but now, I heard they
      can teleport a few nanograms worth of Sodium atoms. Go search on
      Google about this. There's even a news post on startrek.com about
      these development.

      Who am I? Well... Guess What! Just a typical nerdish boy on his
      sophomorian years on smun8 Jakarta who accidentally knows a bit
      or more about QM, SR, GR, and BlackHole. Like I said.. typical.
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