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Getting Started....Re: [Fireworks Mania] Firework festival

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  • dave pierson
    ... Every year from late June thru late July. Google on le mondial SAQ . Also: ============================== http://www.montreal-fireworks.com with a
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 28, 2004
      >Exactly what can you tell me about this festival.
      Every year from late June thru late July.
      Google on 'le mondial SAQ'.


      with a discussion forum on the displays this year at:



      > I've never heard of it.
      Its been going on for 10-15 years.

      > I have been trying to find out more informatoin about building fireworks.
      Le Mondial SAQ is strictly a display competition.
      'Building' is risky and heavily regulated.
      Pyrotechnics Guild International

      >How they work,
      Many sites, one is
      More links on the PGI site.
      Also many books thereon.

      >training programs, apprenticeships, things like that.
      Good questions, vary with location.
      PGI site is a good start, also: The PML (Pyrotechnic mailing list):

      List URL - http://list.vnet.net/?enter=pml

      Email <pml-admn@...> for assistance.

      >When does this festival start/end?
      It's over.
      late June thru late July


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