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Re: Odp: [firebird-support] Request for advice Good morning Karol, yes, storing big data chunks outside database file is an opinion we regularly use, too. It has the serious disadvantage, that you've to
Thomas Beckmann
10:02 PM
Odp: [firebird-support] Request for advice Hi, But you also misunderstud advice. Blobs are not stored in table with its other fields. In record exists only blob id and blob is stored on separate pages.
9:31 PM
Re: Request for advice As I fear, some people misunderstood Frank's hints, I'd like to clarify: I know no reason to store blobs in data table with other objects data, it should be
Thomas Beckmann
3:47 PM
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Re: Request for advice ... If the blob's are small enough to fit into the data page, it will dramatically reduce the number of records per page, and ever if you don't select it you
Alexandre Benson Smith
3:29 PM
Additional Table Permissions Needed by Update in Stored Procedure Firebird Version: OS: Windows 7 I'm having an update permissions problem on a SQL update statement when I use the SQL in a stored procedure with
2:49 PM
Re: Request for advice ... As most blobs are stored out of band, I would expect that moving them to a separate table this doesn't have a big impact unless you have the habit of
Mark Rotteveel
1:08 PM
Re: Request for advice ... As a compromise, I would suggest to place your blobs into a separate table, it will increase the size of your main database, but will also speed up the
Frank Schlottmann-Gödde
11:49 AM
Re: Request for advice Thanks Thomas. Blobs are seldom accessed. Much appreciated. Mags On Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 11:32 AM, Thomas Beckmann < ... Thanks Thomas. Blobs are seldom
Mags Phangisa
4:32 AM
Re: Request for advice Hi Mags, my experience says "it depends"... I don't feel big databases beeing significantly slower than smaller ones, and the overhead of accessing the blobs
Thomas Beckmann
2:32 AM
Request for advice Is it more advantageous, speed-wise, to split a database into two, i.e. one database for data and another one just for attachments? Regards, Mags
Mags Phangisa
2:25 AM
Re: flamerobin access from client ... What do you mean by "set up a server connection"? The "\\server" element MUST be the host name of the actual server machine, not a mapped drive. There's
Helen Borrie
Apr 23
Re: flamerobin access from client ... Try with the connection string: Server:c:\data\db.fdb _
Jesus Garcia
Apr 23
flamerobin access from client I have a firebird (2.5) database being accessed by a custom application over a windows 7 network (32bit) The application works fine. The customer would also
Apr 23
Re: Cannot log into database Thanks for your comments. Lots to learn here and your comments are a great help. I was able to resolve the issue overnight. I first backed up the 1.5 fdb file
Apr 23
FB 2.5.2 SS crash Hi all, Today one of our client got these messages in the firebird.log: DBSERVER (Server) Wed Apr 23 09:07:15 2014 Access violation. The code attempted to
Apr 23
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Re: Cannot log into database ... So it is can connect to Firebird servers in different computers, but not the one running in the same computer? How exactly did you describe alias? What is
Virgo Pärna
Apr 23
Transliteration of identifiers, query buffers etc? Hi, I've been wondering a bit about how Firebird handles transliteration of various parts of a query, in particular regarding (quoted) identifiers. My
Kjell Rilbe
Apr 23
Grant and Revoke update (field) Hello, I have a problem with permissions. I test this problem on new database. I have two users (User1 and User2), one table (TEST_TABLE (PKID, NAME, AGE)). I
Tomáš Beran
Apr 23
Re: Cannot log into database ... You are vague about what is where, e.g., is the client on a 64-bit or 32-bit system? For certain your application is 32-bit because any Delphi version
Helen Borrie
Apr 22
Re: Cannot log into database ... Wow, BDE is still in business, even on Windows 7 64-bit. A few things I would check: * Which Firebird client library is loaded by the BDE? * Are you using
Thomas Steinmaurer
Apr 22
Cannot log into database I don't know if this is Firebird or a BDE issue but I am trying to port a legacy client that runs on FB 1.5 from an XP system to a WIN7 (64 bit) system. I was
Apr 22
Re: Efficient subselects ... Yes, I'll note this idea, I've got a similar query I'll probably have to speed up one day! -- Tim Ward
Tim Ward
Apr 22
Re: Copy Table You are welcome... Happy Easter! Thomas ... -- Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Thomas Beckmann Diplom-Informatiker Wielandstraße 14c • 23558 Lübeck Tel +49 (22
Thomas Beckmann
Apr 21
Re: Copy Table That's great Thomas ! Thank you very much for your effort, this is a nicely done/written procedure and that will do the job. (Sorry for my late reply)
Apr 21
Re: how to connect server from client Hi, getting error message I/O error during "CreateFile (open)" operation for file "C:\SampleDatabase.fdb" Error while trying to open file Thanks Sukhen Dass On
Apr 20
Re: database gone after server reboot ... Perhaps a different client library gds32.dll/fbclient.dll is loaded? Are you running InterBase and Firebird in parallel on the same machine? -- With
Thomas Steinmaurer
Apr 18
Re: Is there any benefit when using Firebird Classic in 64bit versio ... In general, they are wrong. ;-) ... High RAM utilization doesn't necessary result in best performance. Usually, already with some conservative base
Thomas Steinmaurer
Apr 18
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Re: Is there any benefit when using Firebird Classic in 64bit versio Thanks, I've read the article. Unfortunatelly it is irrelevant to my question, because I asked specifically about FB Classic and tests were conducted on
Apr 18
Re: Is there any benefit when using Firebird Classic in 64bit versio In the real field 64 makes more sense here is one of the firebird customers comparing x32 vs x64 and they really benefit from 64 bit version speedup
Apr 18
Re: Is there any benefit when using Firebird Classic in 64bit versio ... Classic ... I don't think using 64 bit with classic adds a lot, however sometimes dependency- and management-wise having all 64 bit libraries on a 64 bit
Mark Rotteveel
Apr 18
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