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Re: Installing Firebird during the installation of my product

... Yes, it’s very easy, client or server, just see http://www.firebirdfaq.org/faq193/ ... moving the database to a server later which would mean installing
Maya Opperman
11:52 PM

Re: connecting to firebird server

Further to this it looks like a problem when FB3 is installed on Win10 ( or WinServer2012). Does any one have FB3 running on Win10 - can you retrieve the
Tony Christiansen
May 20

Detecting a parameter is DB_KEY

How can I find out if a parameter is a DB_KEY? When describing "select column1 from testrowid where rdb$db_key = ?", how can I derive from the parameter
Mark Rotteveel
May 20

Trigger not firing?

Hello! I use FB 2.5. Is there any chance that a trigger doesn't fire because a database corruption? This is what seems to happen to my DB anyway... I did a
May 19

Re: Installing Firebird during the installation of my product

If you only need a single user instance of FB, you don't have to install anything other than include the Firebird Embedded DLLs with your app and that's it.
May 19

Re: Installing Firebird during the installation of my product

... RTFM doc/README.user.embedded.txt -- WBR, SD.
Dimitry Sibiryakov
May 19

Installing Firebird during the installation of my product

Greeting All, I have a small application written in Delphi that uses Firebird, It is intended to be used on a single computer currently. Possibly moving the
May 19

Where to place FDB in an embedded application?

In a Firebird Embedded application running on a Windows PC/Notebook, where is the best place to put the actual Firebird Database? Looking through the Web
May 17

Request : Driver for Nim

We have started to use Nim https://nim-lang.org/ https://nim-lang.org/ for some of our projects but missing a native driver for firebird (sqlite,postgres,mySql
May 14

Re: Table Size

Ed, FB TraceManager parses gstat output and give you table/index size (MB), percentage of total database size etc. but actually does not have charting in that
Thomas Steinmaurer
May 13

Idle connection timeout

Is there any way to configure idle connection timeout on silent connections? If its not configurable, can it be done by querying system tables and deleting
Rudi Feijó
May 12

Re: Blob field to Array

Hi Karol, Thanks for your reply. I mean every byte in the blobfield is a boolean, so the whole contents of the blobfield is an array of the same type. Best
May 12

Re: Blob field to Array

Hi, first what do you mean it contain array of boolean you mean e.g 5 bytes and first byte is first boolean, seconf byte is second boolean..? And for this you
May 11

Blob field to Array

Hi, I've got a blobfield which contains an array of boolean. I would like to get a value from a certain position from this array to use in a stored procedure.
May 11

Re: Table Size

Hi Ed, There is IBAanalyst tool (now it is a part of HQbird), it shows sizes of tables and associated indices, see column Size
Alexey Kovyazin
May 11
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