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Re: AW: AW: [Firebird-Java] Database backup mode

Steffen, ... Mark will come up with a final answer, I'm sure, but a quick look in:
Thomas Steinmaurer
May 3

AW: AW: [Firebird-Java] Database backup mode

Hi ... During backup "backup lock" is listed as attribute, during normal operation it is not. However I would prefer getting this information with pure java,
Steffen Heil (Mailinglisten)
May 3

Re: AW: [Firebird-Java] Database backup mode

... How does gstat -h look like for different nbackup states? Thomas
Thomas Steinmaurer
Apr 28

AW: [Firebird-Java] Database backup mode

Hi ... This look great. Thanks. Now, if I only was not bound to Firebird 2.0.4 .... Any chances there? Regards, Steffen [Non-text portions of this message have
Steffen Heil (Mailinglisten)
Apr 28

Re: Database backup mode

On 2016-04-28 9:46, 'Thomas Steinmaurer' ts@... ... Ah, right; forgot about that. Stalled (1) means that the database is inbackup mode, merge (2)
Mark Rotteveel
Apr 28

Re: Database backup mode

... I'm not sure how the enums of MON$DATABASE.MON$BACKUP_STATE map to Steffen's requirements?
Thomas Steinmaurer
Apr 28

Re: Database backup mode

On 2016-04-28 8:10, 'Steffen Heil (Mailinglisten)' ... I don't know for sure, I'd need to check that; I assume there is some service call that provides this
Mark Rotteveel
Apr 28

Database backup mode

Hi I can enable and disable database backup mode using: ALTER DATABASE BEGIN BACKUP and ALTER DATABASE END BACKUP This works though a usual Jaybird SQL
Steffen Heil (Mailinglisten)
Apr 28

New Jaybird 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT

I published a new Jaybird 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT to maven (on the Sonatype snapshots repository: https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/snapshots/). This
Mark Rotteveel
Apr 2

Re: Compression

... Ahh, that's good. I still have to polish the protocol 13 code. So I think we'll be around same spot then. -- Mgr. Jiří Činčura Independent IT
Jiří Činčura
Mar 27

Re: [Firebird-Java] Compression

I do have plans to add compression, but not for Jaybird 3.0. Jaybird 3.1 at the earliest. I'm currently working on getting Jaybird 3 finished for release. Mark
Mark Rotteveel
Mar 26


Hi Mark, *, do you have any plans for compression support in jaybird? Just to not duplicate effort and maybe also join the effort. -- Mgr. Jiří Činčura
Jiří Činčura
Mar 26

Jaybird 2.2.10 released

I have just released Jaybird 2.2.10. The release can be downloaded from http://www.firebirdsql.org/en/jdbc-driver/ or
Mark Rotteveel
Mar 13

Re: invisible null value

On 2016-03-03 0:52, firebird@... [Firebird-Java] ... Your question is a bit off topic on the Firebird-java mailinglist, and would be on
Mark Rotteveel
Mar 3

invisible null value

I am trying to execute this query: UPDATE SCHED S SET S."Print Order" = (SELECT COALESCE("Print Order",0) FROM SERVICE V WHERE V.ID = S."Serv ID") But I get
Mar 2
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