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Finding Faith for with an Eastern Orientation

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  • Stephen Shields
    DJ wrote:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 20, 1999
      DJ wrote:

      << I'm now in the chapter about pantheism, polytheism, or monotheism. I'm
      guessing for an American audience, this chapter is okay, for it moves
      quickly through various god or gods option, but in an increasingly diverse
      and global culture, even in America, having multi-gods is not that easy to
      dismiss. I think of the Asian ancestors and immigrants, who are quite
      superstitious about gods and supernatural powers, and tho' they don't
      necessarily articulate their worship of idols as diety-level gods, I think
      the chapter moves too quickly thru these options. Now the book is already
      thick enough as it is (over an inch, including covers?) so maybe this was
      one of the sections that was edited/ trimmed down?>>
      I know that one of Brian's goals in this mailing list is to garner
      suggestions for ways in which to improve future editions. Accordingly, what
      types of issues would you address if you were writing this chapter
      specifically to those with an Eastern orientation? What types of revisions
      or elaborations would you counsel.


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