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Re: a new kind of Christian

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  • in_six_days
    --I just finished reading the book today and thought I d see what folks thought about it. I read your comment. One thought which occurs in me is to recommend
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 2, 2003
      --I just finished reading the book today and thought I'd see what
      folks thought about it. I read your comment. One thought which
      occurs in me is to recommend the book by Bruce Olson , Brucko. I
      hope i am spelling the title correctly. His experience is more in
      line with what Jesus really does. I was encouraged by Mclaren's
      thoughts and also felt caution.
      It's good to explore Christianity and phylosophy but to see Jesus and
      let Him teach us is part of that. I want to say letting Jesus teach
      is better than that but am cautioned by the idea of the spider web
      being anchored by several different sites.
      I can not understand the realivence of the church experience at all.
      I was raised in the church and love it in some way but find hearing
      someone else tell me about God as if God were not in me nor me in Him
      to be a strange uncomfortable feeling.
      I don't see the church of today as real in some way. Playing a game
      kindof. I find walking in the comfort of Jesus as more comfortable
      and have not found anything which can add to that.
      Although the lack of human fellowship is felt in my life but when I
      reach out with my true perspectives toward fellow believers I am
      perceived as lacking faith. Others have the idea that there are no
      lone Christians. But there are.
      A new kind of Christian was given to me by someone I shared with and
      found surprising kinship with, however and it encouraged me. But
      what is the purpose of trying to become a post modern Christian?
      Our spider webs are anchored in the scriptures and in our
      experiences. I don't believe the bible is the word of God. I
      believe it to be the scriptures flawed by translation and cultural
      gaps however powerful with the spirit of God using them. The idea of
      the scriptures looking at us is an interesting concept.
      I have had a few experiences of Christ. One was actually in the
      flesh. He performed surgery on me. real surgery not imagined or
      hoped for. Another time he appeared to me in a dream and the content
      of our conversation was prophetic concerning my life personally and
      it was fulfilled exactly. When I saw him he appeared as the
      brightest light to me. Not like the sun but different. He was
      joyful and I knew Him without question. In none of my experiences
      like that did I find him religious. He never compelled me into
      church and neither was I in any victoriously spiritual and holy
      states. But those experiences have leavened within me.
      I do know the scriptures and they are part of me as well. I would
      love to find a group of believers that could fellowship but what
      would we do? What would be the purpose? I can see Jesus anytime I
      like to now. Not with my eyes. I remember how he looked in my
      vision of Him and I see him as that. That allows me to see "above
      the line" As the fictional character tries to teach. When I judge
      someone through my self righteousness I find it helps me to focus on
      Jesus and look through Him to that person or to that worry that I
      have or any passion which excites or disturbs me and it gives me a
      new rest. The above the line idea reminds me of what I am trying to
      Bruce Olsen learned that in the book. Not through visions but in the
      way Jesus wanted to teach Bruce Olsen. He doesn't mention these
      things at all but his experiences teach me that The WORD OF GOD which
      was made flesh loves each man and approaches us uniquely. He does
      love us.
      I believe He covered all sins whether we know it or not. But to know
      it is powerfully life changing and freeing. Missionaries shouldn't
      preach the gospel. They should live beside people and serve and let
      Jesus serve them. Then when your neighbors asks about the hope they
      see in you you can tell them the good news. Don't make it contingent
      on magical prayers and getting into churches. Let Jesus be the
      master. Each situation is unique. You can't repeat the past not
      create your own desires. Iy has to be Him or it is worthless.
      enough words so I will end. This just felt a little like fellowship
      and I wanted to try it. Jeff-
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