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Teachers' Guides??

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  • traingobye
    Hi, My name is Becky and I m new to this group. I m a Director of Christian Education in a middle-sized mainline Protestant church in suburban Atlanta, and
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 2002
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      My name is Becky and I'm new to this group. I'm a Director of
      Christian Education in a middle-sized "mainline" Protestant church in
      suburban Atlanta, and I'm a big fan of both Finding Faith and A New
      Kind of Christian. Much of my church background has been in
      traditional study in Bible and theology, kind of a "mainliner" all
      the way but including many of the thinkers that Brian M. mentions,
      and there is a lot of value in what I would like to pass on. BUT -
      times and people have certainly changed and it's great to find ways
      to reach people with Good News in a way that is intellectually
      challenging. As I see it, the content itself from the background of
      which I speak doesn't need to change as much as the WAY that people
      think about discipleship. One of the things I like best about these
      books is that it introduces the true central message of Jesus - the
      Kingdom of God - which seems to be lost or overlooked in the majority
      of popular Christian thinking today.

      I think there's a place for these books in a variety of types of
      churches and they'll be excellent for beginning dialogue between
      moderns & post-moderns, different generations, traditionalists &
      progressives, etc. We have a mixture of all these strands of
      thinking in the local church - denominational & non-denominational.
      Plus, people are joining churches from such varied backgrounds that
      we must find more common ground along with forging a new identity. I
      also envision them being excellent background for church leaders.
      You've probably already discussed these things very well, but I have
      what I think are two valid questions.

      I'm proposing for an adult study group next year to read one or both
      books. Am I right in assuming that it would be best to start out
      with the Finding Faith book before going on to A New Kind of
      Christian? That seems like the logical order to me.

      The other thing is wondering if there will ever be available a
      leader's guide / study guide / teacher's guide for either of these
      books? I'm having a little trouble figuring out how to group these
      chapters into readable sections for people to study without dragging
      it out into a whole year for each book! I'm also capable of writing
      our own study guides but am very pressed for time, as I review and
      edit all curriculum for our children and youth (that's a big part of
      my job this summer!). So if anyone has any inroads into approaching
      Brian about this need, or if he could supply one online to us, or
      whatever, that would be a great help to many of us!

      Thank you!
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