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  • William Guy
    Hi Denny (and others), Boy . . . do I relate to your message. I haven t yet read Finding Faith. I happened to see A New Kind of Christian on a book list,
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 18, 2002
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      Hi Denny (and others),

      Boy . . . do I relate to your message.

      I haven't yet read "Finding Faith." I happened to see "A New Kind of Christian" on a book list, and it spoke to me like nothing else I have read for several years.

      I was raised in the Southern Baptist church in Oklahoma and have migrated through an old-time Pentecostal church, then the Charismatic movement of the 70s and early 80s to the United Methodist Church. Having moved to the Boston area about four years ago, I have been unable to really find a church "home" here.

      I hate that I am carrying so much "baggage" from my previous experiences, and would like to make a new and fresh start, but I don't quite know how to do it. To be honest, I sometimes miss the security and "inclusiveness" that one feels when immersed in the almost cult-like cocoon of fundamentalism, but there's no way I could go back . . . but I just don't know quite how to go forward.

      I feel I really need to have a group of like-minded searchers with whom I can share and explore and question and affirm . . . people who will be really honest and not try to maintain that "holy facade" masking their own questions and doubts and problems. I haven't found it yet, in person, but maybe that's what this online group can be.

      Anyway, hang in there, Denny, and let's all keep this dialogue going.

      Bill Guy
      Salem, Massachusetts

      >>> sshields@... 02/17/02 07:38PM >>>

      I just re-read your Subject line: For some introductory material on pomo,


      and look at some of the articles under

      Introduction to Postmodernism


      On Postmodernism and Christianity

      I have the briefest of brief nutshell treatments @


      and a little different slant with a short article @


      plus just a couple of helpful thoughts with reliance on Brian @


      Again, "keep coming back!"
      Stephen Shields
      "tools for navigating theology,
      leadership, discipleship and
      church life in postmodernity"
      over 500 links and articles

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