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faithmaps is back up

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  • sshields@faithmaps.org
    Hi everyone, I m putting this on a few of the mailing lists I m on so if you re getting this again, apologies. In case you ve tried to go to the site, just a
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 14, 2001
      Hi everyone,

      I'm putting this on a few of the mailing lists I'm on so if you're
      getting this again, apologies.

      In case you've tried to go to the site, just a note to let you know


      is back up after being down for a few days.

      I genuinely apologize for this outage. It's my fault.

      When I worked for Cedar Ridge Community Church I purchased the domain
      name but I never developed the site. When I left staff in February
      of this year, I bought the domain from Cedar Ridge, then developed
      this site, but did not change the administrative contact
      information. That precipitated a bit of confusion and it's taken me
      a few days to figure out what happened and straighten it out. So
      we're back up now and "in business."

      And if you've not checked the site for a while or never, we've added
      a lot of new material here that you might find useful.

      As you may know, faithmaps.org exists to provide

      "tools for navigating theology, leadership, discipleship and church
      life in postmodernity "

      Accordingly, here's a listing of some of the over 450 articles or
      books we now link to on the site:


      over 125 articles and, in some cases, entire books by such writers as
      Martin Lloyd-Jones, BB Warfield, Dallas Willard, Keith VanHoozer,
      John Murray, RC Sproul, JI Packer, etc.


      over 85 articles or books by such thinkers as William Lane Craig,
      Cornelius Van Til, Josh McDowell, Richard Swiburne, Gordon H. Clark,
      Doug Groothius, J. Gresham Machen, John Frame, JP Moreland, John
      Gerstner, and others.

      postmodernism/philosophy with a specific emphasis on epistemology

      over 120 articles by Dennis Okholm, Gene Veith, Brian McLaren, Michel
      Foucault, Roger Olson, Richard Mouw, Henry H. Knight III, Rodney
      Clapp, Dallas Willard, Douglas Groothius, Descartes, J. Wentzel van
      Husteen, Michael Suddith, Alvin Plantinga, William P. Alston, Kelly
      James Clark, and others.


      over 35 articles by industry leaders like Dee Hock, Peter Drucker,
      Nelson Searcy, John Maxwell, Margaret Wheatley, Warren Bennis,

      church history

      over 50 articles written by such folk as Philip Schaff (we have his
      entire 8 vol work here!), Iain Murray, Bradley J. Longfield, John
      Frame, Darryl Hart, John Gerstner, Edward Gibbon,

      praxis (practical Christian living)

      over 65 articles or books by JC Ryle, Thomas Brooks, Brother
      Lawrence, William Law, Max Lucado, Dallas Willard, Andrew Murray, AW
      Tozer, EM Bounds, John MacArthur, Gordon MacDonald, John Owen,
      Alister McGrath, Richard Baxter, Don Whitney, John Piper, and others.

      Thanks again, and my sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this
      outage may have caused you. We've appreciated the inquiries and
      compliments we've received while we've been dark.

      Stephen Shields
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