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voicing our heartbreak

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  • taxbill@wncol.net
    ... limitations, but so ... as you ... ask, Who s ... not as an ... but as an ... desire ... When you talk about voicing our heart break you make a good point
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 1, 2000
      > Connie -- good points. The machine operator metaphor has
      limitations, but so
      > does the parental metaphor, as you point out! I feel the same way
      as you
      > when I think about the holocaust and other tragedies. When you
      ask, "Who's
      > to argue," I wonder if God wouldn't actually expect us to voice our
      > heartbreak about these situations, and to raise our "why?" to God,
      not as an
      > accusation and maybe not even as a question expecting an answer,
      but as an
      > expression of sympathy with our fellow humans, and an expression of
      > that the suffering and injustice will end.
      > Brian

      When you talk about voicing our heart break you make a good point
      until I look at scrtipture and God's response to 2 people who raised
      their why Abraham and Job (Job 39and 39 ish) and (Gen.18:16-33) God
      bargins with Abraham but pretty much says to Job who are you to
      question me? Granted Job comes off as an accuser; who wouldn't have
      under the circumstances? Anyway it is this kind of thing that is
      frustrating to me in the bible. In the past I have definately had a
      knowledge before faith mentality and it has caused problems because
      our actual knowledge is so limited. We are so limited. Any way I am
      coming to a place of faith that is christ centered rather than
      knowledge based and I think that is a good thing but it leaves me
      with this frustrating thing of how do I handle the bible. There are
      those who say that's easy it is the absolute authoratative word of
      God. But for absolute and authoratative it sure does frustrate and
      confuse me with all it's tensions and veiw points. At times I want
      to throw it out because of this. But if my faith is christ centered
      then it must have some value because it is where I find the story of
      christ. Any thoughts on all of this anyone?
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