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  • Michelle Lynne Harper
    Dec 20, 1999
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      I have always considerd myself a Catholic. I, however, never really
      saw religion as an important factor in my life. I saw it as something
      that when I wanted it, then I would have it, but that I, at the time,
      didn't really need.
      But then I got engaged. I am getting merried to a man who goes to a
      non denominational church, and we decided to get merried there. We met
      with his minister and he asked me a very good question. He asked me
      what my relationship was with God. That really got me to thinking. I
      went and found a few books that I wanted to read, so that I could
      explore this subject a little further. "Finding Faith" is the first
      book, that I have read, and It has been wonderful. I am glad I pick up
      this book first, because it has shown me two diffrent things. One that
      I do want a more personal relationship with God, and two that I do
      actually have a good foundation for finding this relationship. I am at
      this time moving on with my search, but I am always going to have this
      book to look back on when I need it. Thank you for helping me begin my
      journey towards God.
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