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372Excerpt: Emergent Dodd asks, Is Jesus Mean?

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  • Steve O'Keefe
    May 13, 2005
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      I have permission from Jossey-Bass to distribute an excerpt from the
      new book, "My Faith So Far," by emerging author Patton Dodd. The
      excerpt, called "Is Jesus Mean?", contains Dodd's reflections on the
      Gospel of Matthew. It is part of what Dodd calls the "screwy Christian
      stuff" he is discovering as his fanatical faith begins to unravel.

      Publishers Weekly calls "My Faith So Far" a "lively coming-of-age
      story [that] succeeds both as literary memoir and as an intimate look
      at a popular variety of American religious experience." Dodd
      chronicles his conversion to a Colorado Springs "charismatic
      megachurch," his enthusiasm for praise music and inner struggles over
      listening to secular music, his enrollment at Oral Roberts University
      and his subsequent disillusionment while searching for "belief without
      blinders." This book contains a controversial expose of ORU along with
      a "painstakingly honest" look at the rise and fall of a
      self-proclaimed zealot, and an examination of what happens to faith
      when it is wrenched out of the culture that contains it.

      I have uploaded the excerpt in the group's Files library
      under the filename "doddexcerpt.txt."