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359RE: [findingfaith] Emerging groups near Charlotte, NC?

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  • Stephen Shields
    Nov 9, 2004
      Someone asked:

      Are there any Emergent groups meeting in or near Charlotte, NC?


      Yes there are a few. I recommend


      I've been there a couple of times and really like them.

      You might also like:



      Someone I met there emailed me this ab Charlotte:

      "Charlotte is indeed a great place to live and work in ministry, In addition
      to having three topnotch seminaries, there are a number of new churches
      targeting the emerging culture.

      Forest Hill has been planting churches for about eight years -- Lake Forest
      in the Lake Norman area; Warehouse 242 in the center city; and Threshold in
      Weddington. Of the three, Warehouse would appeal to the youngest, edgiest
      crowd; Threshold is exploring Len Sweet's EPIC model for ministry and
      reaching families with children 10 and younger (although the age range of
      the church is pretty diverse).

      The Metrolina Baptist Association has been planting churches with a forward
      looking vision. I'm not sure how intentional they are in reaching "the
      emerging culture" but they are fairly young congregations. You could check
      out Charlotte South, Charlotte North, and I think they recently launched
      Charlotte East.

      Mecklenburg Community Church is a church that looks a lot like Willow Creek;
      they're on the north side of Charlotte. They just planted a church in
      Huntersville with a little younger demographic.

      On the south side of the city, several other churches to consider:
      Southbrook Community Church, Weddington Community Church, and Christ the
      King Anglican Church -- all trying to reach young unchurched people."

      So that's a start!
      Stephen Shields

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