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  • christophilus1
    Sep 17, 2003
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      Hi Dan,

      > I'm not exactly sure what you are specifically asking
      > for, though. Are you looking for folks to correspond
      > with about about what you discover from the book? Or
      > are you looking for a penpal to read through the book
      > with you.

      Uhh...yes! :)

      I had read ANKOC once through but desired to go through it again
      while discussing some of the ideas and concepts with other Christians.

      I asked the other forum NKOC if they wanted to go back through the
      book but it appears that they have gone through it 3 times already
      (wow) and, while they were very gracious in encouraging me to post
      any thoughts I had, I did not want to interrupt their current topics
      and conversation.

      Therefore, I started a second NKOC group called (what else?) NKOC2
      for the purpose of going through the book. NKOC2 is NOT competition
      for or a replacement for the original group, just a sub-group that is
      going through Brian's book again. If any of you would like to join in
      the discussion (we have just started the Introduction), you can find
      it at:


      BTW, I am about 3/4's of the way through "Finding Faith" and enjoying
      it immensely. Brian's breakdown of 4 stages of faith has really
      helped me alot -- to see where I am coming from and to see where I
      might need to go in my faith in Christ.

      Thanks for your reply, Dan.

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