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  • christophilus1
    Sep 12, 2003
      Hi folks,

      (I posted this to "ANKOC" on Yahoo but thought I would post it here

      I just finished reading all 300-and-some posts there (pant, pant) and
      I've enjoyed what I've found so far.

      First, a little about me and then I would like to ask a request (I
      know, poor manners for a newbie).

      I have been a conservative, fundamentalist Christian for 31 years.
      But I have reached a point where I want to grow in my faith in Christ
      but leave behind some "baggage" that I have accumulated over the
      years and that, I feel, weighs me down in my journey to know Christ
      more. I'll be frank, I am sick and tired of all the arguing,
      judging, self-righteousness, divisions, and control that I have
      experienced in churches for the past 31 years. I am also sick and
      tired of all of these same things that I find in myself and I long
      for freedom. Jesus promised us life, an easy yoke, a light burden
      and rest for our souls. I have found very little those things in the
      institutionalized church (I know, they are found in Christ alone),
      but I want to grow in grace. To be honest, I've considered giving up
      Christianity and church altogether but I can't give up my faith in
      Christ. Quite a predicament, huh?

      So I was searching the net one day under the subjuct of "ex-
      fundamentalism" (yes, I'm desperate) and someplace I found a link to
      McLaren's book "ANKOC." I picked up the book and gave it a cursory
      reading. I found much in there that has stimulated my thinking to
      think "outside of the box" and I also found much that I think I need
      to work out through discussion.

      Enough about me. The forum at "ANKOC" is 5000-and-some messages
      long. I simply don't have the internet time to go and read all of
      them and any questions that I would post concerning "ANKOC" would be
      water under the bridge at this point. Especially seeing as 1) I
      don't want to disrupt the current topic and 2) Brian's new book is
      out (which I have but have not read).

      Here is my request: Is there anyone here on this forum that would be
      willing to "start again" so-to-speak with "ANKOC?" I realize this
      would involve alot of work and probably another forum here on Yahoo
      (NKOC2?). I have another friend who would also be interested in
      going through the book and discussing it.

      So are there any NKOC's here that would be willing to journey anew
      through Brian's "AKNOC" book? I would sure appreciate it. And with
      all the members here, maybe someone else would enjoy it, too?

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