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306RE: [findingfaith] What are the essentials?

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  • Stephen Shields
    Jun 1, 2003
      Chris opined:

      I don't think we can get away from essentials anymore than a wheel can
      get away from a center. Maybe the dilemma is how we define essentials
      rather than whether we have them or not. Or for a church to say we have
      no essentials? Is that an essential? Maybe like a wheel, it would be
      better for churches to speak about the center and those things that
      encircle it recognizing diversity here among churches but all or most for
      example have beliefs and practices that center around worship, teaching,
      communion, etc. Just like there is unity and plurality in the Trinity,
      maybe stressing both unity and plurality among churches would be healthy
      and stressing one against the other would be unhealthy?


      I like it!

      Stephen Shields
      "navigating theology, leadership, and spiritual formation in postmodernity"

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