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248Re: [findingfaith] On finding like minded Xtians: to Stephen Shields

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  • skatyh@aol.com
    Feb 9, 2002
      In a message dated 2/9/02 1:35:39 PM Central Standard Time, briancrcc@...

      > Jim -- I just wanted to say that I receive quite a few emails like yours in
      > response to ANKOC ... so, the irony is that there are a lot of people
      > feeling
      > like they're "the only one." Proportionately, the number might still be
      > rather insignificant, but I think it's growing, and I think that if our
      > patience (as you said) is sufficient, we'll see some encouraging signs.
      > (Of
      > course, I'm generally an optimist because the alternative is so boring.)
      > Speaking of optimism ... you're probably right that Neo's ideas about
      > churches transitioning are overly optimistic. But one has to start
      > somewhere, and hope is a better starting point, I think, than non-hope
      > (especially when God is factored in!). We'll see what happens!
      > Also ... the emergent website is another place where Christian leaders are
      > grappling with this stuff. www.emergentvillage.org.
      > -- Brian

      I think we are going to have to see the people of God become hungry for a
      fresh move of God and a dissatisfaction with the "way things are." The Church
      is going to have to come out of it's slumber and wake up to the fact that we
      are not reaching the world or making an impact in the way we should. I think
      there is a small remnant begining to emerge but they come forth out of need
      and disallusionment.

      My husband and I planted a church four years ago with the vision of restoring
      vertical and horizontal relationship, of team ministry, of nameless and
      faceless people left wounded by the church along the way being restored, of
      true worship and not performance...about living outside the box, about seeing
      things from God's vantage point not our own (very Neo-ish) We lasted three
      years but could never get the people to see beyond themselves, their isolated
      worlds, what they wanted God to do for them and "their ministries." I feel
      certain there are believers looking for a leader with a post-modern vision to
      follow but they haven't found each other.

      I don't know if it is easier to take an existing congregation into a
      postmodern model or to start one. I know in Tulsa, OK we tried starting one
      but it died...ahead of it's appointed time here. We will try again as the
      Spirit leds.

      Until then let us encourage one another that he has given the vision to those
      who will follow it through in the right timing.


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