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245Re: [findingfaith] On finding like minded Xtians: to Stephen Shields

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  • briancrcc@aol.com
    Feb 9, 2002
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      Jim -- I just wanted to say that I receive quite a few emails like yours in
      response to ANKOC ... so, the irony is that there are a lot of people feeling
      like they're "the only one." Proportionately, the number might still be
      rather insignificant, but I think it's growing, and I think that if our
      patience (as you said) is sufficient, we'll see some encouraging signs. (Of
      course, I'm generally an optimist because the alternative is so boring.)

      Speaking of optimism ... you're probably right that Neo's ideas about
      churches transitioning are overly optimistic. But one has to start
      somewhere, and hope is a better starting point, I think, than non-hope
      (especially when God is factored in!). We'll see what happens!

      Also ... the emergent website is another place where Christian leaders are
      grappling with this stuff. www.emergentvillage.org.
      -- Brian

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