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243Re: [findingfaith] On finding like minded Xtians: to Stephen Shields

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  • Chris G Criminger
    Feb 9, 2002
      Welcome to the club Jim :-) As Stephen said, faithmaps is a place where
      postmodernity is discussed and debated. Then there are a whole host of
      "postmodern churches" (just do an engine church to see what emerges :-)
      All I can say is I am tracking with you (and those you have read). Where
      this merry go round ends, nobody knows (except for God :-)

      Grace and Peace - Chris Criminger
      Vallonia Indiana

      On Sat, 09 Feb 2002 17:52:01 -0000 "jbarnhilliii"
      <jbarnhilliii@...> writes:
      > Stephen,
      > I recently read some of your earlier messages to Matt Knox, from
      > 2000, particularly message 29.
      > I think I have a very similar background to you. I did a BA in
      > psychology in 1990, influenced then by Larry Crabb, and
      > evangelicalism. I went to Fuller Seminary from 90-95, completing an
      > MDiv in Pastoral Care and Counseling, the irony being that given my
      > paradigm shifts from modernity to post-modern thinking, I wasn't
      > sure
      > how sensical it was for me to attempt pastoring when I wasn't sure
      > myself how to deal with major issues: hell, good/evil,
      > epistomology,
      > interpretation of scripture, trinity, relativism, and ethics. I
      > ended up going into social work and now teach children with
      > emotional
      > disorders.
      > My problem: though wading through important books that have helped
      > me out (here's a partial list that will help you know who has
      > influenced me; Stanley Hauerwas, James McClendon (huge influence),
      > Nancey Murphy, Rodney Clapp, Alysdair McIntyre, I CANT KEEP ALL OF
      > THIS STUFF ON THE BRAIN! It is sufficiently difficult to incoporate
      > this kind of thinking into one's daily practices given its
      > complexity, but it is ESPECIALLY DIFFICULT GIVEN THE FACT THAT
      > ALMOST
      > THINKING.
      > Hence, this major dilemma. Neo's conjecturing with Dan about how one
      > might take a church into the postmodern era, forgive me, seems like
      > a
      > pipe dream. Or is it? If we are truly living at the very beginning
      > of a new postmodern era, then 99.9% of churches would seem to be
      > still living with modern thinking. So it seems to me that apart
      > from
      > a website like this, there are not very many places a spiritual
      > schizophrenic like me can go for nurture. Going to a small group
      > within an evangelical church feels like going to an intellectual
      > torture session. All of the thinking I've tried to rework comes
      > rushing back to the door and it hurts. I don't think I can
      > adequately defend my own paradigm shift without being so frustrated.
      > The upshot: it feels pretty lonely to be a postmodern Christian
      > both
      > because it is hard to define to yourself and others exactly what you
      > believe, and because there are so few places/churches to go that can
      > help.
      > I've gone through this for over 15 years. I'm a patient person.
      > Reply whenever you get the chance.
      > Jim Barnhill
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