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  • carlpb92111@yahoo.com
    Jul 8, 2001
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      I typed in "Liberal Fundamentalist" in Google.com and I got a
      reference to "A New Kind of Christian" which I ordered and read. I
      was raised a fundamentalist Christian but do not consider myself a
      Christian today. I'm a member of the Church of Religious Science,
      was studying to be a Practitioner (a licensed spiritual counselor)
      but became disillusioned and dropped out of the training in February
      2001 (after about 2 1/2 years of study).

      Since then I've been essentially inactive as far as church, am
      involved in other spiritual groups (Alcoholics Anonymous; Al Anon).
      And I was looking for some kind of enlightened thinking about
      Christianity...which I found in Brian McLaren's book.

      I would like to explore the ideas expressed in "A New Kind of
      Christian" with a study or discussion group; and preferrably in
      person rather than on-line.

      Does anyone know if there are groups or churches pursuing the post-
      modern approach; and if so, where? Any in San Diego, CA?

      I appreciate any direction. Thanks---Carl Bergstrom
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