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130Re: My new book

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  • kevin@vineyardcentral.com
    Apr 19, 2001
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      Hi everyone,

      My copy of A new Kind of Christian just arrived today. I read it while
      at a bookstore last week...couldn't put it down....just sat there and
      read most of the book. Now that I have a copy of my own I want to go
      back through it a little more slowly and deliberately this time.

      Yesterday was a hard day. (I'll be brief and it DOES relate to the
      book!). I'm a pastor and a couple that has been with us for several
      month are relocating to another state. On their way out I was served
      up a full plate of criticism....some I can learn from, some that needs
      to roll off.

      Something Brian wrote in the introduction was like a salve to an open
      wound. "When you're on a really long voyage you have to get beyond
      asking, 'Are we there yet?' and instead start asking, "Are we making

      I was reminded that progress matters and most failures (especially in
      this transition time we live in) are just a part of that
      progress....sometimes I feel like I'm spending a ton of time learning
      what doesn't work, slowly honing in on what will. We're in a time that
      demands experimentation. It's not all clear implementation by a
      standardized, packaged procedure.

      To live this faithfully will require this mind set that Brian has put
      forward: progress is important....don't even worry about
      arriving....just yet....


      --- In findingfaith@y..., briancrcc@a... wrote:
      > Greetings, everyone -- My next book, A New Kind of Christian, will
      be out any
      > day. We're going to welcome discussion of A New Kind of Christian
      here at
      > this site too
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