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128How to Use an Egroup Website for the first time

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  • Stephen Shields
    Jul 25, 2000
      Hi everyone:

      I have noticed that a number of people on the several egroups that I
      moderate have had some trouble initially using the website for their egroup.
      So I'm sending out instructions on what to do the first time that you
      attempt to access an egroup website.

      Many people are happily subscribed to egroups and never have any need or
      desire to visit their website. But for some groups, website use is an
      important part of their egroup culture where they can:

      1 - review archived e-mails from the past,
      2 - add or review items on their particular egroup's calendar,
      3 - post or download files that their egroups members post,
      4 - engage in realtime chats with other members of their egroup
      5 - participate in online polls specific to their egroup,
      6 - post e-mails to their egroup irrespective of who's PC or browser they
      are using.

      - The website url for your egroup will always be:


      so if your get your egroup mail from usatcs2000@egroups.com then your url is


      - if you have registered before with egroups, then all you need to do click
      "subscribe" and put in your e-mail address and your password. If you have
      forgotten your password, you can get it simply by clicking on "Forgot

      - If you have never registered with egroups, when you go to your website you
      will see

      Join Now!

      You are not a member of this group.


      towards the upper right hand corner of the screen. You get this message,
      because since you've never subscribed with egroups, egroups does not
      recognize who you are even though you are a member of a Mailing List.

      If you click "Subscribe" then you will see

      New Member?
      Click here to register for FREE!

      Already registered with eGroups?
      Please sign in.
      Email address:
      Remember Me

      If you *have* registered before then you just need to put in your e-mail
      address and your password. And if you select "Remember Me" by checking the
      box, the next time you visit egroups it will recognize who you are and not
      prompt you to login.

      If you *have* registered before but have forgotten your password, then
      simply click "Forgot password" at the bottom of the screen and follow the

      If you *have not* ever registered, then you wish to click on

      "Click here to register for FREE!"

      once you do this you will be asked some questions in an 2 part online form.
      It's critical that when you fill this out you remember your password!

      Then - once you've done that - you can go to


      and use your egroup's website!

      Hopefully this will clear up some of the challenges some have had with using
      this website. Please let me know if any of this is unclear. I intend to
      send a copy of this note to the egroups administrators commenting that I
      think they can make this even easier than it is (I moderate 17 groups).

      Stephen Shields