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114Re: God and Relationship

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  • taxbill@wncol.net
    May 15 5:54 AM
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      > That was an intriguing question! It seems to me that our desire and
      > capacity for rel is so vast that a relationalless God would be
      almost of a self-contradiction. But I'd be interested in hearing
      what might lead you to speculate that God might be like this....
      > Stephen Shields
      > Cedar Ridge Community Church
      > stephens@c...
      > http://www.crcc.org

      I guess it comes from the tendency of the very legalistic persuation
      of the christian faith to a time present God as this person who is
      just looking for a way to throw us into hell. One strike your out!
      I was recently involved in a discussion at a bible study in exodus
      (parts about the temple) where the teacher was pointing out that in
      the OT God had a very specific way that he wanted to be approached
      and when people failed to do so properly at times it resulted in
      death (not sure if his emphasis was physical or spiritual death).
      He went on to say it is the same in the NT and that specific way is
      through Jesus. Ok so my question was what if you inadvertantly add
      to it? For example you get the idea that a true christian attends
      church and as long as you attend church you must in your mind be a
      christian well to me you have just inadvertantly added to Christ
      alone no matter how well intentioned. The teachers feeling was that
      if we turn to works at all then we make our faith worthless. My
      problem with this is that now faith has been turned into a perfect
      work. Round and round we go. I don't know maybe I am missing
      something in the thought process here what do you think? So does God
      want to be my friend and "walk with me and talk with me" or does he
      want to relate to me in a way so specific that it is nearly
      impossible for me to attain it?
      I really don't know. At this point my list of absolutes has
      dissolved to there is a God and I Need Him! Thus does good faith
      have to be relational? I would prefer it to be, and deep down I think
      I believe that it is but do I know?

      That's all for now
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