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110Re: Losing Faith?

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  • briancrcc@aol.com
    May 11, 2000
      Hey, Connie -- good to hear from you. Things have been quiet lately, so it's
      good to get some conversation going!

      Two thoughts. First, some of us seem to find solitude easy and community
      hard, and others of us seem to find the opposite. My guess is that in the
      long run, each of us has to do the easy part and the hard part for a healthy
      faith. Does that make sense? You may be at a point right now where the
      solitude part is most important, and that's certainly OK. I'd suspect
      though, that eventually the community part will become important again too.

      Second, someone just passed on to me this quote (sort of) by Soren
      Kierkegaard. He said that if God had to choose between absolute and complete
      knowledge on the one hand, and the eternal quest for truth on the other, he
      would choose the latter. I guess it's an impossible question, but it was
      Kierkegaard's way of saying, I think, that we humans need to keep seeking,
      and that's what I felt from your posting ... that desire to keep seeking.
      That's good! -- Brian
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