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  • chucksfilms
    FILM @ TheMMAC THIS WEDNESDAY! - May 27th @ 7:30pm LIAR S PENDULUM Members FREE! (Bring copy of this post) Liar s Pendulum is set in the fictitious city of
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      FILM @ TheMMAC

      THIS WEDNESDAY! - May 27th @ 7:30pm


      Members FREE! (Bring copy of this post)

      Liar's Pendulum is set in the fictitious city of Johanna in the near future. The main character, Alaric Almalquilar (a.k.a. Johnny Joe Blue), is a charismatic, street-smart ex-cop-turned-private Investigator/bounty hunter. Dauntless and of dubious nobility, he is on the run from pernicious forces bent on stopping him from getting his hands on top-secret, stolen research technology that everybody wants and only he knows where to acquire. Alaric's mission is to get the technology safely underground to a benevolent order of scientists before it falls into the wrong hands. However, as he gets closer to acquiring the top-secret technology and his pursuers close in, we learn that there is a lot more to Alaric's story than meets the eye...

      Best Art Direction - Christina Werkmeister
      2007 Long Island Int'l Film Expo

      Best Supporting Actress - Niki Notarile
      2007 Action on Film Int'l Film Festival

      2007 Staten Island Film Festival
      2007 Long Island International Film Expo
      2007 First Glance Film Fest Philadelphia
      2007 Action On Film International Film Festival
      2007 Director?s Chair Film Festival
      2007 Thriller Chiller Film Festival
      2007 New Filmmakers Film Series
      2008 Cinequest Vuze Audience Favorites
      2008 Fright Night Film Fest

      Starring David Winning and Niki Notarile
      Editor: Vincent Bova
      Production Designer: Christina Werkmeister
      Director of Photography: Eric Giovon
      Associate Producer: Peter Flores
      Executive Producer: Edward Flores

      Produced by A.W. Flores and Christina Werkmeister

      Written and Directed by Andrew William Flores

      Q&A with Filmmakers Follows...Scheduled to appear: Writer/Director/Producer Andrew William Flores, Actors: David Winning & Niki Notarile, Production Designer/Producer Christina Werkmeister, Executive Producer, Edward Flores

      562 Bloomfield Avenue
      Bloomfield, New Jersey USA
      (Exit 148 GSP)

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