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Please forward the world, One US Dollar Education Plan.

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    Please forward the world, One US Dollar Education Plan. Joins the world Internet education movement: http://odep.why.to One US Dollar Education Plan The
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 12, 2005
      Please forward the world, One US Dollar Education Plan.

      Joins the world Internet education movement: http://odep.why.to

      One US Dollar Education Plan

      The Internet current is enormous and powerful, along it prosperous, against it perishes, the government and all professions moves to the Internet,is the inevitable matter, the education is the promotion country strength, to last development, enhances a lives of the people, educated the Internet is the preferential agenda, the Internet has development for 10 years, was the baby period, looked all the world, now still did not have a popularization education the website, the world education Internet was the urgent matter.

      This is 10 hundred million people of country Internet education plan, is easy on the integer to calculate, this plan is a profit for the principle, has no profit is defeat, but commerce system receive the cheap expenses, the management expense is very high, plan by the government to the country gathers the education year expenses, each people of 1 year 1 US dollar Internet education expense (various countries is gathers to currency integer), total 10 hundred million US dollars, the administrative expense is possibly high, the plan development need 3 years, government was levies the education expenses to the provinces and cities government according to the population, wants the central authority to convince the province and the city, ten years tree grow, one hundred years foster talent, enhance the people to educate the level, have already makes many millenniums, all were the In-situ walk, this Internet current is the rare opportunity, the load is heavy while the way is long, wants
      the various countries government to plan the overall situation, please forward the world and send your government, and organizes the website to promote 1 year 1 US dollar lifelong Internet learning program.

      1. ideas beginning

      This about starts in August, 2000 to form in the brains the Chinese countryside computer plan, because is obstructed in Hong Kong, on January 1, 2001 to be forced stop studies, until in August, 2004 then rewrites, at that time first established each village to have 1,000 people, each person gathered 1 US dollar education expenses, another two computers, each 1,000 US dollars, each person gathered 2 US dollars, each village altogether pays 3,000 US dollars, the population is down to 1,000 people, according to the proportion increase money, each village 500 people, education expenses 1 year 1 US dollar, two computers each person collected expenses 4 US dollars, planned subsidy 1,500~2,000 US dollars, covers the country expense probably to invest more than 7 hundred million US dollars, receives every year the education expenses approximately are more than 2 hundred million US dollars, because the network is slow, Installs the server in various provinces, the university provides the
      cultivation which the education curriculum and the related countryside needed, the poultry curriculum, long term provided the education by the low cost, enhanced country productive forces.

      2. websites operations

      The Internet education falls 99% expense, the traditional teaching 1 teacher teaches 45 people, the Internet may teach 4,500 ~ infinite people, the curriculum keeps the website, not has vanished, enhanced the people to educate the level, was already the world agree, should better be free of charge reads master, doctor, the Internet education nearly may achieve this goal, first step was 1 people 1 US dollar 1 year fee to the whole country, total 10 hundred million US dollars, then according to the proportional distribution resources, was not exceed 3 groups of servers in the country establishment, the website operation and the education administrative expense decide is 1.5% (country population few administrations expense is higher, should not surpass 5%), educates website the operation 90% profit is easy accessibility goal, we educate the people, takes from the people, give the people, the profit reduces to 10%, no profit the plan is useless, uses for gross income 30% altogether 3
      hundred million US dollars to look after the poorest place the computer plan, and the subsidy each village establishment public computer expense, this subsidy is only one, the subsidy does not surpass the total amount 50%, covers 7 hundred million people (70% is farmer), every 1,000 people of two computers, two printers, two scanners, two webcam, the total is 140 ten thousand, each 1,000 US dollar to count, the total amount is 14 hundred million US dollars, subsidy 50% total 7 hundred million US dollars, this plan may complete in 3 years, total 9 hundred million US dollars subsidies, the village is short to 200 people, so long as they pool capital 1 group of computers moneys, the country then subsidy another 1 group of moneys, two computers were bad one computer also had another to be allowed to use, at first this 3 years the income many, the disbursement is few, has the very many moneys to be using, finally some 3 hundred million US dollars has not used, implement are do not have
      the resources the difficulty, the plan to be short in 3 years, because has the fixed income, the subsidy may to the bank loans .

      Any plan now is advantageous, because of society progress, in the past advantageous now is harmful, this plan is only suitable to the computer covers the country period, if plans for the period 3 years (we wants without intermission to examine progress), after 2 years must make the comprehensive to examine, whether do need to change, in the past 4 years ago i am needed 2,000 maintenances stations, because society progressive, the merchant has the profit gradually to reach villages and towns, now is possible so long as 500~1,000 maintenances stations.

      3. maintenance stations (this item only reference, various countries according to oneself country condition decision.)

      The computer cover the country can be expected soon, appears in the newspapers many computers retail sales already to go down to the villages and towns, the village computer plan to go form the easily to the difficult, several places expand the country, if Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, the Chongqing peripheral villages and towns install, (subsidy 50% was equal treatment) causes the organization team to understand the operation, finally arrives the mountainous area, this partial commercial service was unable to arrive, had to establish the maintenance stations. (by the establishment date counts take 3 years as the time, after 2 years had earnestly to examine whether did need to exist, 1. merchants arrived, we must withdraw, 2. after 3 years with the family already understood the repair or from have chosen the computer.)

      4. poorest places subsidizations

      The poorest place, is must invest most subsidies and the education resources, no electric, may subsidize the entire expense to supply the Bicycle Generator and the accumulator, two computers subsidize at 50%, in order to avoid the to waste resources, if no the Internet, the disc is an education expenses, is not subsidizes, possibly has other the need, if needs the teacher teaching, this must really obtain the data then to implement.

      5. costs low, the benefit is high

      The Internet is the third wave knowledge economic revolution, the knowledge disseminate cost is cheap, 100% network education, are imperative, obtains the benefit is very very big, made 1 general education website, teaches the elementary school go to the college, regardless of how high quality, one hundred million US dollars already was may to complete, we do were the on-line teaching, was not a website, we used the manpower to the supposition, the education have 20 grades, each grades 10 curriculum, each curriculum 10 teachers (pupil to be allowed to select fit oneself studies), each teacher had 10 assistants, each person of always average salary ten thousand US dollars 1 year, each grades 1,100 people * 20 =22,000 people, the total salary is 2.2 hundred million US dollars + 0.15 hundred million US dollar websites and administrative expenses + 3 hundred million US dollars is impoverished and computer subsidy + 1 hundred million US dollars profits = cost 6.35 hundred million US

      Income 10 hundred million US dollars - cost 6.35 hundred million US dollars = surplus 3.65 hundred million US dollars

      The maintenance station, the development team, the supply homepage, to cope with has surplus.

      Will educate 1 people to become a capable people needs very many moneys, the Internet education surely is the future education way, regardless of any time will start, the country and the people to obtain the huge benefit.

      Please transmits this plan your country government and the forward the world people, this plan needs translate to English and the various writing, the translator may sign, the name keeps the history, please send the mailbox or posts in the message board.

      Initiator: Cheung Ming Tat HK on October 26, 2004

      Website: http://odep.why.to

      This is Chinese-trad machine translation English, please send your country government and forward email to the world, thank very much my friend.


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