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Re: Success in Tracing Indian roots

Hi.. Thanks for this. interesting indeed will give it a try But anyone ever been successful to trace their relatives in India? Sent from Samsung Mobile
Dec 7, 2014

Re: Success in Tracing Indian roots

Hi Raj, One very nice website that I use to keep track of my family tree is geni.com. It is almost like social genealogy, e.g. you can invited people to join
Dec 6, 2014

Re: Success in Tracing Indian roots

Hi.. Thanks for ur reply. In fact I have managed to find records of the great grand father who came from India. They came from Phoolpur, Varanasi. Have
Dec 5, 2014

Re: Success in Tracing Indian roots

Hi Raj, It is nice to see that you are at least trying.A lot of people have either lost hope or are uninterested for whatever reason. I am still interested to
Dec 4, 2014

Success in Tracing Indian roots

Hello, Has anyone in the group ever came across anyone who has been successful in tracing his roots? Trying to find my roots also. and it appears that Indi
Dec 4, 2014

Re: Resources available

Thank you much for posting this information. This could be a starting point for those of us interested in this research.
Jul 30, 2010

Resources available

The National Library of Australia (NLA) in Canberra have anumber of microfilms available in their collection:
Jul 26, 2009

Re: Tracing Roots...

Request you all to contact the Representative of Government of India Officials in Your Country or contact the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs , new Delhi
Tiwary, Shekhar
Feb 1, 2009

Re: Tracing Roots...

Thanks for the info. Mr Shekar. ... From: Tiwary, Shekhar Subject: [Fiji Indian Genealogy] Re: Tracing Roots... To:
Mark P.
Jan 27, 2009

Re: Tracing Roots...

Hi Shekhar, What kind of information should we submit when requesting assistance from the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs? Kamal ... their roots in India.
Jan 27, 2009

Re: Tracing Roots...

Government of India is helping peiople of indian Origin to trace their roots in India. For more details mail to : secretary@... Regards, "PLEASE
Tiwary, Shekhar
Jan 26, 2009

Re: Digest Number 60

That is a great suggestion Shreedhar, but if the Government in Fiji is willing to help out with this. Otherwise most people (including me ) are not able to
Mark P.
Jan 25, 2009

Re: Tracing Roots...

i dont know how far back you can go but check out the family history center at the Latter-Day Saints Church in Suva it that is where you are. The people are
Vikash Jayant Prakash
Jan 23, 2009

Tracing Roots...

Hi everyone, I have been thinking about tracing my roots and was on the verge of losing hope when I found this group. I am happy to see that there are people
Jan 18, 2009

Re: Indian Ancestors

Hi, have u contacted indiroots? www.indiroots.org or indiroots@... they have helped many. ... it ... Ludur ... to
S S Tiwary
Dec 20, 2007
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