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Babel Magazine Issue #83 political article links and WING

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  • wingedpiper
    Hello! Babel s Issue #83 is now online at http://www.babelmagazine.com and it s really cookin this week. First, check out Paul Walker (editor of Aftermath
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      Babel's Issue #83 is now online at http://www.babelmagazine.com and
      it's really cookin' this week.
      First, check out Paul Walker (editor of Aftermath News online) in his
      exclusive Babel Spotlight interview with me - he isn't holding
      anything back - and we love it!
      To read Paul's interview, click:

      To read my article about Freedom Drive 2002, titled:
      "The Day Our Government Hid from the People", click:

      To read Victor Thorn's Freedom Drive piece, entitled:
      "Larger Cause: We're Not going To Take It Anymore", click:

      To check out Part Two of "The Mike Gallagher Chronicles" written by
      me, entitled: "Mike Gallagher to Sue Victor Thorn?" click:

      Okay, now: The newly constructed WING page is up at Babel. Be sure to
      click on its link on the homepage and give 'er a read.
      We are VERY proud of how this page is coming along so far. We're
      still adding links to it, so please regard it as a work-in-progress.
      If you have any pertinent online news sites to add to the mix, be
      sure to let me know and we'll add them.

      I want to wish you all a very wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, as well.
      Despite all the madness, let's try to remember that we do have much
      to be thankful for - we have people we love and who love us, and
      lives that have PURPOSE and meaning. And that's just for starters.
      So, keep these things in mind during the holidays and remember to
      keep the bad balanced by the good.

      Live Free...

      Lisa Guliani
      Babel Magazine/WING
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